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DynaChem, Inc.

Contact: Dan Thomen - Sales Manager
Phone: +1-(217)-662-2136  | Fax: +1-(217)-662-2268
Address: 15662 E 980 North, Westville, Illinois 61883, USA
Web: https://www.dynacheminc.com/

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DynaChem, Inc.
DynaChem, Inc. is a leading domestic producer of Sulfonic Acids, Industrial Resins and Specialty Chemicals. Our production facility is equipped with multiple glass lined and stainless steel reactor systems ranging from 500 to 9000 gallons. Our extensive capabilities include GC, GPC, HPLC, IC, IR, full development lab and pilot plant synthesis. We serve industry sectors such as agriculture, adhesives, building materials, electronics, paper, pharmaceutical, paint and coatings, reinforced composites, steel, textiles and many more. Our brands include DYNACAT®,FURALLOY™, and PHENALLOY®

Aromatic Sulfonic Acids: Our Aromatic sulfonic acids are produced by the sulfonating action of sulfuric acid, SO3 or oleum on the aromatic compounds. They are comparable in strength to the mineral acids such as sulfuric acid. This makes them useful in catalytic reactions such as esterification, dehydration, acid hydrolyses, polymerization, alkylation and as catalyst for thermosetting resins. Aromatic sulfonic acids are useful as electrolyte in electroplating process, and may serve as intermediates in the manufacture of many synthetic chemicals.

Furan Resins and Homopolymers: These resins can be custom manufactured to meet the customers specific requirements and products. Our Furfuryl Alcohol Resins are recognized by the name “FurAlloy” and are utilized in wide variety of applications such as: impregnation, fiberglass, composites, down well sand consolidation, foundry binders and polymer concrete systems.

Phenolic Novolacs and Phenolic Resoles: These resins can be custom manufactured to meet the customers specific requirements and process. Our phenolics are recognized by the name “PhenAlloy” and are utilized in a wide variety of applications such as; basic refractory brick, brake linings, adhesives, electrical wire varnish, foundry binders, molding resins, and polymer concrete systems.

Analytical Capabilities: Following is a list of our comprehensive analytical abilities. We supplement these capabilities by our close proximity to, and agreements with, major universities enabling us to carry out virtually any analysis.

Chromatography Techniques:

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC-UV&RI detector)
  • Gas chromatography (GC-FID detector)
  • Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
  • Ion chromatography

We offer the following services:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Chemical Compounding
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Toll Manufacturing
  • Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
  • Fine Chemical Manufacturing
  • Research & Development
  • Pilot Plant

Chemical Process Capabilities:

  • Acylation
  • Alkylation
  • Carbonylation
  • Condensation
  • Aldol Condensation
  • Diels Alder
  • Epoxidation
  • Carboxylation
  • Esterification

We provide custom formulated products through customer specific solutions. Our Quality Assurance Laboratories are equipped with state of the art analytical instrumentation ensuring timely and precise information. We are an ISO 9000 certified company.

Aromatic Sulfonic Acids | Furan Resins and Homopolymers | Pilot Plant Facility | Analytical Capabilities | Toll Manufacturing | Chromatography Techniques | Chemical Process Capabilities | Phenolic Novolacs and Phenolic Resoles

• Aromatic Sulfonic Acids• Benzene Sulphonic Acid (CAS: 98-11-3)• Bio Based Polymers
• Bio Composite Resins• Bio Resin• Biopolymers
• Bisphenol A cyanate ester (CAS: 1156-51-0)• Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin (CAS: 25085-99-8)• Bisphenol A propoxylated (CAS: 37353-75-6)
• Bisphenol A, Propoxylated• Bisphenol A-Glycidyl Methacrylate (BIS-GMA) (CAS: 1565-94-2)• Bisphenol F Epoxy Resin
• Chemical Compounding• Chemicals, Specialty• Cresidine Sulphonic Acid (CAS: 6471-78-9)
• Curing Agents, Epoxy Resins• Epoxy Ester Resins• Epoxy Resin (CAS: 25068-38-6)
• Epoxy Resin - Based Adhesives• Epoxy Resins And Curing Agents• Epoxy Resins Curing Accelerators
• Epoxy Resins, Epoxy Esters And Reactive Diluents• Ethoxylated Bisphenol-A-Dimethacrylate (CAS: 41637-38-1)• Ethoxylated Furfuryl Alcohol
• Fine Chemicals• Furfural and Derivatives• Furfuryl Alcohol (CAS: 98-00-0)
• Furfuryl Alcohol Modified• Furfuryl Alcohol Polymers• Green Bulk Molding Resins
• Green Composite Resin• Green Resin• Green RTM Resin
• Green Sheet Molding Resin• Green VARTM Resin• High Melting Phenolic Resins
• Homopolymers• Hydrogenated Bisphenol A (CAS: 80-04-6)• Lab Sulphonic Acid
• Maleic And Phenolic Resin• MTBE/ETBE (CAS: 25212-86-6)• Non Solvent Based Phenolic Resin
• Novolac Epoxy Resin• Para Toluene Sulphonic Acid (CAS: 104-15-4)• Phenol Formaldehyde Resin (CAS: 9003-35-4)
• Phenolic Novolac Resins• Phenolic Resole Resins• Phenolsulfonic Acid (CAS: 1333-39-7)
• Plant Oil-Based Resin• Pure Phenolic Resins• Reduced Phenolic Resins
• Regular Phenolic Resins (CAS: 25085-50-1)• Research and Development Services• Resins, Phenolic
• Resins, Phenolic, Modified• Soy Resin• Speciality Chemicals
• Specialty Chemicals• Sulfonic Acid Salts• Sulphonic Acid
• Sulphonic Acid Derivatives• Terpene Phenolic Resin (CAS: 68648-57-7)• Toll Manufacturing
• Toluene Sulphonic Acid (CAS: 6192-52-5)• Xylene Sulphonic Acid (CAS: 25321-41-9)• 2,2-Bis(hydroxyphenyl)propane (CAS: 80-05-7)
• 2-Furaldehyde (CAS: 98-01-1)
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