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Yick-Vic Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd. (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Alchem International Ltd. (India) India
Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals (NY, USA) USA Hallochem Group Co.,Ltd (China) China
Beijing Mediking Biopharm Co.,Ltd. (China) China Alkaloids Corporation (India) India
Beijing Huikang Boyuan Chemical Tech Co., Ltd. (China) China Zeon-Health Industries (India) India
SAGECHEM LIMITED (China) China Beijing SHLHT Chemical Technology (China) China
Shanghai Sochem International Co., Ltd. (China) China Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) Hong Kong
BOC Sciences (NY, USA) USA LEAP CHEM Co., Ltd. (China) China
Hangzhou Dayangchem Co.Limited (China) China JIGS CHEMICAL LIMITED (India) India
Pharmaffiliates Analytics & Synthetics (P) Ltd. (India) India United States Biological (MA, USA) USA
Canbi Pharma (China) China Hangzhou J & H Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) China
Chemlyte Solutions (China) China
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