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Contact: Wang Cheng
Address: Linzi, zibo, shandong 255422, China
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Profile: Sanpeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a provider of chemical products. We are certified with ISO 9001 quality certification. Our main products are 3-chlorophthalic anhydride, 4-chlorophthalic anhydride, high-pressure LDPE, anti-viscosity materials, dispersing agent NNO, aging-resisting agent SP, polymerization-resisting agent N, N-diehthyl hydroxylamine, sulfur-removing, and sulfur-recovering catalyzing agents. We also offer pre-mixing agent for complex material of linear low-density polyethylene with the effect of stability and lubrication. Our N,N-diethylhydroxylamine is a yellowish transparent liquid. Its flash point is 115C. It is soluble in water, ether, ethanol, chloroform, and benzene. It is weakly basic, and is a good reducer. Its characteristics are: non-toxic, highly resisting, and convenient for operation.

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• Catalysts: Methanation
• Dechlorinating Agent
• Degreasers
• Desulphurizer
• Diethyl Hydroxylamine
IUPAC Name: N,N-diethylhydroxylamine | CAS Registry Number: 3710-84-7
Synonyms: N-Hydroxydiethylamine, DEHA, DIETHYLHYDROXYLAMINE, N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine, N,N-Diethylhydroxyamine, PENNSTOP, PENNSTOP, anhydrous, Hydroxylamine, N,N-diethyl-, CCRIS 964, Ethanamine, N-ethyl-N-hydroxy-, N-ethyl-N-hydroxyethanamine, 471593_ALDRICH, 473235_ALDRICH, 32370_FLUKA, EINECS 223-055-4, N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine solution, BRN 1731349, ZINC01698912, N,N-DIETHYLHYDROXYLAMINE, TECH, AI3-28026

Molecular Formula: C4H11NOMolecular Weight: 89.136240 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• 4,4'-Oxydiphthalic anhydride
IUPAC Name: 5-[(1,3-dioxo-2-benzofuran-5-yl)oxy]-2-benzofuran-1,3-dione | CAS Registry Number: 1823-59-2
Synonyms: 4,4'-Oxydiphthalic dianhydride, 524492_ALDRICH, 4,4'-Oxybisdiphthalic anhydride, Bis-(3-phthalyl anhydride) ether, FR-2401, 1,3-Isobenzofurandione, 5,5'-oxybis-, 163915-29-5, 174612-36-3

Molecular Formula: C16H6O7Molecular Weight: 310.214640 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 7


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