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Celanese Chemical Co.Inc. (TX, USA) USA Croda Inc. (NJ, USA) USA
Lonza Inc. (NJ, USA) USA S & S Chemical Co., Inc. (NY, USA) USA
Union Carbide Corporation (CT, USA) USA Sichuan Anxian Yinhe Constructional & Chemical Materials Group Co., Ltd. (China) China
Camphor & Allied Products Ltd. (India) India Subhash Chemical Industries (India) India
Sanjivani (Takli) Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. (India) India Dr Yajnik's Kemicolor Industries Pvt Ltd (India) India
IVP Limited (India) India Pure Organic Industries (India) India
Sundar Chemicals (P) Ltd. (India) India Slack Chemical Co., Inc. (NY, USA) USA
Beta Pharma, Inc. (NJ, USA) USA Total Specialty Chemicals, Inc. (CT, USA) USA
Monomer-Polymer & Dajac Labs, Inc. (PA, USA) USA Almohare Trading Establishment Ltd. (United Arab Emirates)
Chlor-Serv, Inc. (TX, USA) USA Ultima Group (India) India
Burlington Chemical Co., Inc. (NC, USA) USA Spiga Nord S.p.a (Italy)
Yantai Valiant Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. (China) China Advanced Chemical Intermediates Ltd. (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
Neostar United Industrial Co., Ltd. (China) China Shouyuan Chemical (China) China
Canbi Pharma (China) China Hangzhou J & H Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) China
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