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Profile: Penta Manufacturing Co. is a source for chemical compounds. Our catalog spans a wide range of products in many categories including flavors, fragrances, pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical processes. Our products are useful for commercial applications including flavoring, coloring, fragrances and chemical processes. We also offer natural products and Kosher products.

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• Ethyl undecylenate
IUPAC Name: ethyl undec-10-enoate | CAS Registry Number: 692-86-4
Synonyms: Ethyl undecenoate, Ethyl 10-hendecenoate, Ethyl 10-undecylenate, Ethyl undec-10-enoate, ETHYL 10-UNDECENOATE, 10-Undecenoic acid, ethyl ester, FEMA No. 2461, W246107_ALDRICH, 307785_ALDRICH, EINECS 211-734-8, BRN 1769949, AI3-00664, LS-2752, 4-02-00-01614 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 36118-46-4, 62453-48-9

Molecular Formula: C13H24O2Molecular Weight: 212.328460 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Ethyl Valerate
IUPAC Name: ethyl pentanoate | CAS Registry Number: 539-82-2
Synonyms: Ethyl pentanoate, Ethyl n-valerate, ETHYL VALERATE, Ethyl valerianate, Valeric acid, ethyl ester, Pentanoic acid, ethyl ester, Ambap270, W246204_ALDRICH, FEMA No. 2462, 290866_ALDRICH, 30784_FLUKA, NSC8868, Valeric acid, ethyl ester (8CI), NSC 8868, EINECS 208-726-1, ZINC01648285, AI3-01270

Molecular Formula: C7H14O2Molecular Weight: 130.184860 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Ethyl Vanillin
IUPAC Name: 3-ethoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde | CAS Registry Number: 121-32-4
Synonyms: Ethylvanillin, Bourbonal, Vanilal, ETHYL VANILLIN, Ethylprotal, Quantrovanil, Vanillal, Ethavan, Ethovan, Vanirom, Ethyl protal, Vanirome, Vanillin, ethyl-, 3-Ethoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 2-Ethoxy-4-formylphenol, Ethyl vanillin (NF), 3-Ethoxyprotocatechualdehyde, Benzaldehyde, 3-ethoxy-4-hydroxy-, Ethylprotocatechuic aldehyde, 4-Hydroxy-3-ethoxybenzaldehyde

Molecular Formula: C9H10O3Molecular Weight: 166.173900 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ethyl Vanillin Propylene Glycol Acetal
IUPAC Name: 2-ethoxy-4-(4-methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl)phenol | CAS Registry Number: 68527-76-4
Synonyms: EINECS 271-281-7, Ethyl vanillin propyleneglycol acetal, Ethyl vanillin propylene glycol acetal, 2-Ethoxy-4-(4-methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl)phenol, Phenol, 2-ethoxy-4-(4-methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl)-

Molecular Formula: C12H16O4Molecular Weight: 224.253040 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ethyl-2-Furoate
IUPAC Name: ethyl furan-2-carboxylate | CAS Registry Number: 614-99-3
Synonyms: Ethyl furoate, Ethyl pyromucate, 2-Carboethoxyfuran, Ethyl-2-furoate, ETHYL 2-FUROATE, 2-Furoic acid, ethyl ester, Ethyl 2-furancarboxylate, 2-(Ethoxycarbonyl)furan, Ethyl 2-furylcarboxylate, Ethyl furan-2-carboxylate, Furoic acid, ethyl ester, 2-Furancarboxylic acid, ethyl ester, WLN: T5OJ BVO2, E28501_ALDRICH, Furan-2-carboxylic acid ethyl ester, Furancarboxylic acid, ethyl ester, W501301_ALDRICH, NSC 2304, 48010_FLUKA, EINECS 210-404-0

Molecular Formula: C7H8O3Molecular Weight: 140.136620 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ethyl-2-Hexyl Acetoacetate
IUPAC Name: ethyl 2-acetyloctanoate | CAS Registry Number: 29214-60-6
Synonyms: Ethyl 2-acetylcaprylate, Ethyl 2-acetyloctanoate, n-Hexylethyl acetaoacetate, Ethyl-2-hexyl acetoacetate, Ethyl-2-hexyl acetaoacetate, Ethyl alpha-hexylacetoacetate, EINECS 249-518-0, Octanoic acid, 2-acetyl-, ethyl ester, n-Hexylacetoacetic acid ethyl ester, BRN 1774721, LS-97943, TL8002300, 3-03-00-01269 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

Molecular Formula: C12H22O3Molecular Weight: 214.301280 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ethyl-2-Methylpentanoate
IUPAC Name: ethyl 2-methylpentanoate | CAS Registry Number: 39255-32-8
Synonyms: Ethyl 2-methylpentanoate, Ethyl 2-methylvalerate, Ethyl .alpha.-methylvalerate, Ethyl alpha-methylvalerate, W348805_ALDRICH, FEMA No. 3488, Pentanoic acid, 2-methyl-, ethyl ester, EINECS 254-384-1, AI3-33618

Molecular Formula: C8H16O2Molecular Weight: 144.211440 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Ethyl-3-Hydroxy Butyrate
IUPAC Name: ethyl 3-hydroxybutanoate | CAS Registry Number: 5405-41-4
Synonyms: Ethyl 3-hydroxybutyrate, Ethyl 3-hydroxybutanoate, Ethyl beta-hydroxybutyrate, Ethyl (1)-3-hydroxybutyrate, Ethyl dl-3-hydroxybutyrate, FEMA No. 3428, Butyric acid, 3-hydroxy-, ethyl ester, Butanoic acid, 3-hydroxy-, ethyl ester, E30603_ALDRICH, Ethyl (S)-3-hydroxybutyrate, W342807_ALDRICH, Ethyl 3-hydroxybutyrate (natural), NSC 8115, 54950_FLUKA, EINECS 226-456-2, EINECS 252-642-8, NSC8115, NSC 42916, NSC42916, EINECS 260-393-1

Molecular Formula: C6H12O3Molecular Weight: 132.157680 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ethyl-b-Methylthiopropionate
IUPAC Name: ethyl 3-methylsulfanylpropanoate | CAS Registry Number: 13327-56-5
Synonyms: Ethyl 3-(methylthio)propionate, W334308_ALDRICH, Ethyl beta-methylthiopropionate, Ethyl methyl mercaptopropionate, Ethyl 3-(methylthio)propanoate, FEMA No. 3343, Ethyl 3-methylmercaptopropionate, Ethyl .beta.-methylthiopropionate, 3-(Methylthio)propionic acid ethylester, EINECS 236-370-7, NSC165650, ZINC01648986, 3-(Methylthio)propanoic acid ethyl ester, NSC 165650, Propanoic acid, 3-(methylthio)-, ethyl ester, Propionic acid, 3-(methylthio)-, ethyl ester

Molecular Formula: C6H12O2SMolecular Weight: 148.223280 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Ethyl-P-Methoxy Benzoate
IUPAC Name: ethyl 4-methoxybenzoate | CAS Registry Number: 94-30-4
Synonyms: Ethyl p-anisate, Ethyl anisate, Ethyl 4-methoxybenzoate, Ethyl p-methoxybenzoate, p-Anisic acid, ethyl ester, FEMA No. 2420, WLN: 2OVR DO1, W242004_ALDRICH, Benzoic acid, p-methoxy-, ethyl ester, NSC 4160, EINECS 202-320-8, NSC4160, BENZOIC ACID, 4-METHOXY-, ETHYL ESTER, BRN 2209700, ZINC01673031, AI3-00648, LS-2712, ST5405148, 4-10-00-00368 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), InChI=1/C10H12O3/c1-3-13-10(11)8-4-6-9(12-2)7-5-8/h4-7H,3H2,1-2H

Molecular Formula: C10H12O3Molecular Weight: 180.200480 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ethylanthranilate
IUPAC Name: ethyl 2-aminobenzoate | CAS Registry Number: 87-25-2
Synonyms: Ethyl 2-aminobenzoate, ETHYL ANTHRANILATE, Ethyl o-aminobenzoate, 2-Carboethoxyaniline, Anthranilic acid, ethyl ester, o-(Ethoxycarbonyl)aniline, 2-(Ethoxycarbonyl)aniline, Benzoic acid, 2-amino-, ethyl ester, WLN: ZR BVO2, FEMA No. 2421, CCRIS 6238, HSDB 404, 2-Aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester, Oprea1_179888, W242101_ALDRICH, Benzoic acid, o-amino-, ethyl ester, 242977_ALDRICH, NSC 4146, 10700_FLUKA, EINECS 201-735-1

Molecular Formula: C9H11NO2Molecular Weight: 165.189140 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ethylene Brassylate
IUPAC Name: 2,4-dioxacyclohexadecane-1,5-dione | CAS Registry Number: 105-95-3
Synonyms: Astratone, Ethylene brassylate, AIDS013069, AIDS-013069, NSC46155, 1,3-Dioxacyclohexadecane-4,16-dione

Molecular Formula: C14H24O4Molecular Weight: 256.337960 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Eucalyptol
IUPAC Name: 4,7,7-trimethyl-8-oxabicyclo[2.2.2]octane | CAS Registry Number: 470-82-6
Synonyms: cineole, 1,8-Cineole, Cajeputol, Zineol, Eucalyptole, Eucapur, 1,8-Cineol, Terpan, p-Cineole, 1,8-Epoxy-p-menthane, Cucalyptol, Soledum, Limonene oxide, 1,8-Oxido-p-menthane, Zedoary oil, Cineole (VAN), Eukalyptol [Czech], Eucalyptol [USAN], Eucalyptol (natural), Eucalyptol (USAN)

Molecular Formula: C10H18OMolecular Weight: 154.249320 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Eucalyptus Oil
IUPAC Name: 2,2,4-trimethyl-3-oxabicyclo[2.2.2]octane | CAS Registry Number: 8000-48-4
Synonyms: Eucalyptol, cineole, 1,8-Cineole, Cajeputol, 1,8-Epoxy-p-menthane, 1,8-Cineol, Eucalyptole, Eucapur, Terpan, Zineol, p-Cineole, 1,8-Oxido-p-menthane, 1,3,3-Trimethyl-2-oxabicyclo[2.2.2]octane, Cucalyptol, 470-82-6, Eukalyptol, CINEOL, Zedoary oil, Eukalyptol [Czech], Eucalyptol (natural)

Molecular Formula: C10H18OMolecular Weight: 154.249320 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Eugenol
IUPAC Name: 2-methoxy-4-prop-2-enylphenol | CAS Registry Number: 97-53-0
Synonyms: eugenol, p-Allylguaiacol, Eugenic acid, Allylguaiacol, p-Eugenol, 4-Allylguaiacol, Engenol, Caryophyllic acid, 5-Allylguaiacol, Synthetic eugenol, 4-Allyl-2-methoxyphenol, Eugenol Special, Eugenol (natural), Eugenol [USAN], 1,3,4-Eugenol, Caryophyllic ac id, Eugenol (USP), 2-Methoxy-4-allylphenol, Caswell No. 456BC, FEMA Number 2467

Molecular Formula: C10H12O2Molecular Weight: 164.201080 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Eugenyl Phenylacetate
IUPAC Name: (2-methoxy-4-prop-2-enylphenyl) 2-phenylacetate | CAS Registry Number: 10402-33-2
Synonyms: Eugenyl phenylacetate, Eugenol phenylacetate, 4-Allyl-2-methoxyphenyl phenylacetate, EINECS 233-868-6, NSC 133460, CID25238, NSC133460, AI3-28805, LS-12715, Benzeneacetic acid, 2-methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)phenyl ester, ACETIC ACID, PHENYL-, 4-ALLYL-2-METHOXYPHENYL ESTER

Molecular Formula: C18H18O3Molecular Weight: 282.333720 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Farnesol
IUPAC Name: (2E,6E)-3,7,11-trimethyldodeca-2,6,10-trien-1-ol | CAS Registry Number: 4602-84-0
Synonyms: farnesol, Farnesyl alcohol, Stirrup, trans-Farnesol, (E,E)-Farnesol, Polyprenol, .beta.-Farnesol, trans,trans-Farnesol, All-trans-Farnesol, Inhibitor A2, Farnesol isomer a, (E)-farnesol, 2E,6E-farnesol, Trimethyl dodecatrienol, (Z,E)-Farnesol, Farnesol (6CI), DIHYDROFARNESOL, 2-trans,6-trans-Farnesol, (2E,6E)-Farnesol, FCI 119a

Molecular Formula: C15H26OMolecular Weight: 222.366340 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Fatty Acid (CAS: 67254-79-9)
• Fatty Acid, Distilled
• Fatty Acid, Distilled: Coconut Oil (CAS: 8001-31-8)
• Fatty Acids
IUPAC Name: docosa-4,7,10,13,16,19-hexaenoate

Molecular Formula: C22H31O2-Molecular Weight: 327.480340 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Fatty Alcohol (C8-C22)
• Fatty Alcohol Esters
• Fatty Alcohols, Cetyl
• Fatty Alcohols, Lauryl
• FEMA 2073
IUPAC Name: pentyl heptanoate | CAS Registry Number: 7493-82-5
Synonyms: Amyl oenanthate, AMYL HEPTANOATE, Amyl heptylate, Amyl heptoate, Pentyl heptanoate, Heptanoic acid, pentyl ester, FEMA No. 2073, CID61415, NSC46129, EINECS 231-342-0, NSC 46129, AI3-33582

Molecular Formula: C12H24O2Molecular Weight: 200.317760 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• FEMA 2079
IUPAC Name: pentyl octanoate | CAS Registry Number: 638-25-5
Synonyms: Amyl caprylate, Pentyl octanoate, Amyl octanoate, Amyl octylate, Amyl octoate, Pentyl octylate, N-Amyl octanoate, n-Caprylic acid n-amyl ester, W207918_ALDRICH, W207926_ALDRICH, FEMA No. 2079, OCTANOIC ACID, PENTYL ESTER, Amyl octanoate, mixture of isomers, CID61185, NSC23940, EINECS 211-328-0, NSC 23940, AI3-24295, TL8004501

Molecular Formula: C13H26O2Molecular Weight: 214.344340 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• FEMA 2296
IUPAC Name: [(E)-3-phenylprop-2-enyl] butanoate | CAS Registry Number: 103-61-7
Synonyms: Cinnamyl butyrate, Cinnamyl butanoate, Cinnamyl n-butyrate, Phenylpropenyl n-butyrate, 3-Phenylallyl butyrate, BUTYRIC ACID, CINNAMYL ESTER, 3-Phenyl-2-propenyl butanoate, FEMA No. 2296, WLN: 3VO2U1R, Butanoic acid, 3-phenyl-2-propenyl ester, 3-Phenyl-2-propen-1-yl butyrate, 3-Phenyl-2-propen-1-yl butanoate, EINECS 203-128-7, NSC 30528, Butynoic acid, 3-phenyl-2-propenyl ester, NSC30528, BRN 3200585, AI3-02461, CID5355254, LS-47931

Molecular Formula: C13H16O2Molecular Weight: 204.264940 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Fenchyl Alcohol
IUPAC Name: 1,5,5-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-6-ol | CAS Registry Number: 1632-73-1
Synonyms: Fenchol, alpha-Fenchol, 2-Fenchanol, FENCHYL ALCOHOL, Fenchol, exo-, alpha-Fenchyl alcohol, (-)-endo-Fenchol, l-alpha-Fenchyl alcohol, 2-Norbornanol, 1,3,3-trimethyl-, FEMA No. 2480, EINECS 208-135-9, EINECS 216-639-5, CPD-685, (1R)-endo-(+)-Fenchyl alcohol, 3,3-Dimethyl-8,9-dinorbornan-2-ol, 1,3,3-TRIMETHYL-2-NORBORNANOL, BRN 2038083, 1,3,3-Trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-ol, AI3-00733, LS-2760

Molecular Formula: C10H18OMolecular Weight: 154.249320 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Fennel Oil
IUPAC Name: 1-methoxy-4-[(E)-prop-1-enyl]benzene; 1-methoxy-4-prop-2-enylbenzene; 1,3,3-trimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 8006-84-6
Synonyms: Finocchio, Florence fennel, Oil of fennel, Oils, fennel, Sweet fennel oil, Fennel oil, bitter, Bitter fennel oil, Hinojo [Spanish], Fennel oil, sweet, FENNEL OIL, Foeniculum vulgare oil, Fenchel oel [German], Fenouil amer [French], Fenouil doux [French], Foeniculum vulgare, oil, Oils, foeniculum vulgare, Bitter fenchel [German], Heller fenchel [German], Hinojo amargo [Spanish], Finocchio amaro [Italian]

Molecular Formula: C30H40O3Molecular Weight: 448.636800 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Fine Chemical Intermediates
• Fine Chemicals
• Fir Needle Oil (CAS: 8021-28-1)
• Flavor and Fragrance Ingredients
• Flavoring Materials
• Folic Acid
IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-[[4-[(2-amino-4-oxo-1H-pteridin-6-yl)methylamino]benzoyl]amino]pentanedioic acid | CAS Registry Number: 59-30-3
Synonyms: folic acid, Folate, Vitamin Bc, Vitamin M, PteGlu, Folicet, Folvite, Folcysteine, Incafolic, Pteroylglutamic acid, Acifolic, Folcidin, Folettes, Foliamin, Folsaure, Millafol, Mittafol, Cytofol, Folacid, Folacin

Molecular Formula: C19H19N7O6Molecular Weight: 441.397460 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 6H-Bond Acceptor: 11


• Food Additives Acetic Acid
IUPAC Name: ethyl 2-chlorosulfonylacetate | CAS Registry Number: 55896-93-0
Synonyms: ethyl (chlorosulfonyl)acetate, Ethyl 2-(chlorosulfonyl)acetate, CHLOROSULFONYL ACETIC ACID ETHYL ESTER, SBB066453, ACMC-209lq2, AC1Q353H, CTK1G9305, ethyl 2-(chlorosulfonyl) acetate, ethyl 2-chloranylsulfonylethanoate, MolPort-004-306-916, ANW-32424, AKOS000144159, 2-chlorosulfonylacetic acid ethyl ester, AG-C-74477, AG-F-95964, EN300-36972, A830852, I09-0613, Acetic acid,(chlorosulfonyl)-, ethyl ester (9CI);(Chlorosulfonyl)acetic acid ethyl ester;2-(Chlorosulfonyl)acetic acid ethyl ester;Ethoxycarbonylmethanesulfonylchloride;Ethyl 2-(chlorosulfonyl)acetate;Ethyl2-(chlorosulfonyl)ethanoate;

Molecular Formula: C4H7ClO4SMolecular Weight: 186.613980 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Frankincense (CAS: 8016-36-2)
• Fruit Juice Concentrates
• Furfural and Derivatives
• Furfuryl Alcohol
IUPAC Name: furan-2-ylmethanol | CAS Registry Number: 98-00-0
Synonyms: 2-Furanmethanol, 2-Furylmethanol, FURFURYL ALCOHOL, Furfuralcohol, Furfuranol, Furyl alcohol, 2-Furancarbinol, 2-Furylcarbinol, Furfurylcarb, 2-Furanylmethanol, Furfural alcohol, Furylcarbinol, 2-Furfuryl alcohol, 5-Hydroxymethylfuran, alpha-Furylcarbinol, 2-Furfurylalkohol, 2-Hydroxymethylfuran, Furylcarbinol (VAN), Methanol, (2-furyl)-, 2-(Hydroxymethyl)furan

Molecular Formula: C5H6O2Molecular Weight: 98.099940 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Furfurylmercaptan
IUPAC Name: furan-2-ylmethanethiol | CAS Registry Number: 98-02-2
Synonyms: Furfuryl thiol, 2-Furylmethanethiol, Furfuryl mercaptan, 2-Furfurylthiol, 2-FURANMETHANETHIOL, 2-Furfurylmercaptan, 2-Furylmethyl mercaptan, 2-(Mercaptomethyl)furan, alpha-Furfuryl mercaptan, (2-Furanyl)methylmercaptan, USAF B-58, Furfuryl mercaptan (natural), WLN: T5OJ B1SH, FEMA No. 2493, F20408_ALDRICH, W249300_ALDRICH, 48140_FLUKA, EINECS 202-628-2, NSC 41142, NSC41142

Molecular Formula: C5H6OSMolecular Weight: 114.165540 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Furoic Acid and Salts
• Furylacrylic Acid
IUPAC Name: (E)-3-furan-2-ylprop-2-enoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 539-47-9
Synonyms: Furacrylic acid, Furanacrylic acid, Furylacrylic acid, 2-Furalacetic acid, Furfurylideneacetic acid, 3-(2-Furyl)acrylic acid, 2-FURANACRYLIC ACID, Furan-2-acrylic acid, 3-(2-Furyl)propenoic acid, beta-(2-Furyl)acrylic acid, trans-2-Furanacrylic acid, 2-Furanacrylic acid, (E)-, 2-Propenoic acid, 3-(2-furanyl)-, Acrylic acid, beta-2-furyl-, F20807_ALDRICH, trans-beta-2-Furylacrylic acid, 3-(2-Furanyl)-2-propenoic acid, ARONIS000345, EINECS 208-718-8, NSC 32626

Molecular Formula: C7H6O3Molecular Weight: 138.120740 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Fusel Oil (CAS: 8013-75-0)
• g-Decalactone
IUPAC Name: 5-hexyloxolan-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 706-14-9
Synonyms: gamma-Decalactone, 2-Decalactone, gamma-Decanolactone, 4-Decanolide, Decanolactone, Decanolide-1,4, a-decanolactone, .gamma.-Decalactone, Decan-4-olide, gamma-N-Decalactone, 4-Hexyl-4-butanolide, .gamma.-Decanolactone, .gamma.-N-Decalactone, 2(3H)-Furanone, 5-hexyldihydro-, 5-Hexyltetrahydro-2-furanone, 5-Hexyldihydro-2(3H)-furanone, 4-Hexyl-gamma-butyrolactone, gamma-Decalactone (natural), gamma-Hexyl-gamma-butyrolactone, Decanoic acid, gamma-lactone

Molecular Formula: C10H18O2Molecular Weight: 170.248720 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• g-Dodecalactone
IUPAC Name: 5-octyloxolan-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 2305-05-7
Synonyms: gamma-Dodecalactone, 4-Dodecanolide, 4-Decanolide, Dodecanolide-1,4, .gamma. Dodecalactone, ()-4-Dodecanolide, .gamma.-Dodecalactone, .gamma.-Dodecanolactone, GAMMA-DODECANOLACTONE, 2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-5-octyl-, 4-Hydroxydodecanoic acid lactone, gamma-Dodecalactone (natural), WLN: T5OVTJ E8, FEMA No. 2400, gamma-Octyl-gamma-butyrolactone, W240001_ALDRICH, Dihydro-5-octyl-2(3H)-furanone, Dihydro-5-octylfuran-2(3H)-one, 5-octyl-tetrahydro-furan-2-one, gamma-n-Octyl-gamma-N-butyrolactone

Molecular Formula: C12H22O2Molecular Weight: 198.301880 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• g-Heptalactone
IUPAC Name: 5-propyloxolan-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 105-21-5
Synonyms: gamma-Heptalactone, Heptan-4-olide, 1,4-Heptanolide, Heptanolide-4,1, 4-Heptanolide, gamma-Heptanolactone, .gamma.-Heptanolactone, ()-4-Heptanolide, .gamma.-Heptalactone, gamma-Propiobutyrolactone, 4-Hydroxyheptanoic acid lactone, gamma-Heptalactone (natural), 2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-5-propyl-, .gamma.-Propiobutyrolactone, FEMA No. 2539, gamma-Propyl-gamma-butyrolactone, W253901_ALDRICH, Dihydro-5-propyl-2(3H)-furanone, 00501_FLUKA, 5-propyl-tetrahydro-furan-2-one

Molecular Formula: C7H12O2Molecular Weight: 128.168980 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• g-Octalactone
IUPAC Name: 5-butyloxolan-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 104-50-7
Synonyms: 4-Octanolide, Octanolide-1,4, Octan-4-olide, gamma-Octanolactone, 8-Oxo-5-octanolide, GAMMA-OCTALACTONE, .gamma.-Octalactone, Octano-1,4-lactone, .gamma.-Octanolactone, gamma-Octanoic lactone, 5-Butyltetrahydro-2-furanone, 4-Hydroxy octanoic acid, 4-Butyl-gamma-butyrolactone, 4-Hydroxyoctanoic acid lactone, gamma-Octalactone (natural), 2(3H)-Furanone, 5-butyldihydro-, Octanoic acid, gamma lactone, .gamma.-Butylbutyrolactone, WLN: T5OVTJ E4, FEMA No. 2796

Molecular Formula: C8H14O2Molecular Weight: 142.195560 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Gallic Acid
IUPAC Name: 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 149-91-7
Synonyms: Gallic acid, gallate, 3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic acid, Gallic acid, tech., Acid, Gallic, Gallic acid, tech, Gallic acid polymer, GALOP, Pyrogallol-5-carboxylic acid, 3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoate, Benzoic acid, 3,4,5-trihydroxy-, Gallic acid monohydrate, Kyselina gallova [Czech], Spectrum_000342, SpecPlus_000307, Spectrum2_000399, Spectrum3_000254, Spectrum4_001544, Spectrum5_000108, CCRIS 5523

Molecular Formula: C7H6O5Molecular Weight: 170.119540 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 5


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