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Profile: Penta Manufacturing Co. is a source for chemical compounds. Our catalog spans a wide range of products in many categories including flavors, fragrances, pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical processes. Our products are useful for commercial applications including flavoring, coloring, fragrances and chemical processes. We also offer natural products and Kosher products.

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• Ammonium Valerate
IUPAC Name: azanium pentanoate | CAS Registry Number: 42739-38-8
Synonyms: Ammonium valerate, Ammonium valerate (1:3), Pentanoic acid, ammonium salt, Ammonium dihydrogen trivalerate, EINECS 227-767-6, EINECS 255-923-3, Valeric acid, ammonium salt (3:1), Pentanoic acid, ammonium salt (3:1), AI3-08907, 109-52-4, 5972-85-0

Molecular Formula: C5H13NO2Molecular Weight: 119.162220 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Acetate
IUPAC Name: pentyl acetate | CAS Registry Number: 628-63-7
Synonyms: Pentyl acetate, Amyl acetate, n-Amyl acetate, Birnenoel, Pent-acetate, Banana oil, Chlordantoin, Pear oil, 1-Pentyl acetate, n-Pentyl ethanoate, Pent-acetate 28, Amylazetat, Amyl acetic ester, Amyl acetic ether, Prim-amyl acetate, Acetic acid, pentyl ester, Octan amylu, Acetate d'amyle, Amyl acetate, n-, 1-Pentanol acetate

Molecular Formula: C7H14O2Molecular Weight: 130.184860 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Alcohol, Mixed
IUPAC Name: pentan-1-ol | CAS Registry Number: 30899-19-5
Synonyms: 1-Pentanol, Pentan-1-ol, Amyl alcohol, Pentyl alcohol, N-Amyl alcohol, n-Pentanol, Butylcarbinol, Pentanol, Amylol, n-Butylcarbinol, Pentanol-1, 1-Pentyl alcohol, 71-41-0, n-Pentan-1-ol, Pentasol, Alcool amylique, Butyl carbinol, n-Amylalkohol, N-PENTYL ALCOHOL, Primary amyl alcohol

Molecular Formula: C5H12OMolecular Weight: 88.148180 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Amyl Benzoate
IUPAC Name: pentyl benzoate | CAS Registry Number: 2049-96-9
Synonyms: Amyl benzoate, n-Pentyl benzoate, PENTYL BENZOATE, Benzoic acid, pentyl ester, EINECS 218-077-6, BRN 2046708, ZINC02038955, AI3-07998, LS-38113, ST5406087, 4-09-00-00292 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

Molecular Formula: C12H16O2Molecular Weight: 192.254240 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Butyrate
IUPAC Name: pentyl butanoate | CAS Registry Number: 540-18-1
Synonyms: Amyl butyrate, Pentyl butanoate, n-Amyl butyrate, Amyl butanoate, n-Pentyl butanoate, 1-Pentyl butyrate, n-Pentyl butyrate, n-Pentyl n-butyrate, PENTYL BUTYRATE, Butyric acid, pentyl ester, Butanoic acid, pentyl ester, Amyl butyrate (natural), FEMA No. 2059, WLN: 5OV3, W205915_ALDRICH, NSC 7935, EINECS 208-739-2, NSC7935, CID10890, BRN 1752307

Molecular Formula: C9H18O2Molecular Weight: 158.238020 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Cinnamic Alcohol
IUPAC Name: (2E)-2-(phenylmethylidene)heptan-1-ol | CAS Registry Number: 101-85-9
Synonyms: Buxinol, 2-Benzylidene-1-heptanol, 2-Benzylideneheptanol, alpha-Amylcinnamyl alcohol, 2-Pentylcinnamic alcohol, alpha-Amylcinnamic alcohol, alpha-Pentylcinnamyl alcohol, 1-Heptanol, 2-(phenylmethylene)-, FEMA No. 2065, 2-(Phenylmethylene)-1-heptanol, W206504_ALDRICH, 2-Amyl-3-phenyl-2-propen-1-ol, 1-HEPTANOL, 2-BENZYLIDENE-, 2-Pentyl-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-ol, 87894_FLUKA, EINECS 202-982-8, BRN 3127316, AI3-28807, CID5368491, LS-2560

Molecular Formula: C14H20OMolecular Weight: 204.308000 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Diethyl Acetal
IUPAC Name: 2-(diethoxymethyl)hept-1-enylbenzene | CAS Registry Number: 60763-41-9
Synonyms: Amyl cinnamic aldehyde diethyl acetal, EINECS 262-413-4, 2-Diethoxymethyl-1-phenylhept-1-ene, alpha-Amylcinnamaldehyde diethyl acetal, (2-(Diethoxymethyl)-1-heptenyl)benzene, CID108505, 1,1-Diethoxy-2-n-amyl-3-phenylacrolein, alpha-Amylcinnamic aldehyde diethyl acetal, 1,1-Diethoxy-2-(phenylmethylene) heptane, 1,1-Diethoxy-2-amyl-3-phenyl-2-propene, Benzene, (2-(diethoxymethyl)-1-heptenyl)-, Heptane, 1,1-diethoxy-2-(phenylmethylene)-, LS-74313

Molecular Formula: C18H28O2Molecular Weight: 276.413720 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Dimethyl Acetal
IUPAC Name: [(E)-2-(dimethoxymethyl)hept-1-enyl]benzene | CAS Registry Number: 91-87-2
Synonyms: Amylcinnamaldehyde dimethyl acetal, FEMA No. 2062, 1,1-Dimethoxy-2-benzylideneheptane, EINECS 202-104-3, alpha-n-Amylcinnamal dimethylacetal, alpha-Amylcinnamaldehyde dimethyl acetal, (2-(Dimethoxymethyl)-1-heptenyl)benzene, alpha-Pentylcinnamaldehyde dimethyl acetal, 1,1-Dimethoxy-2-amyl-3-phenyl-2-propene, alpha-Amylcinnamic aldehyde dimethyl acetal, CID6005821, LS-2558, 1-Heptene, 2-(dimethoxymethyl)-1-phenyl-, alpha-Amyl-beta-phenylacrolein dimethyl acetal, Cinnamaldehyde, alpha-pentyl-, dimethyl acetal, GD6837500, BENZENE, (2-(DIMETHOXYMETHYL)-1-HEPTENYL)-

Molecular Formula: C16H24O2Molecular Weight: 248.360560 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl FCC Alcohol
• Amyl Formate
IUPAC Name: pentyl formate | CAS Registry Number: 638-49-3
Synonyms: Amyl formate, Pentyl formate, n-Amyl formate, Amyl methanoate, Pentyl methanoate, m-Pentyl formate, n-Pentyl methanoate, N-PENTYL FORMATE, Formic acid, pentyl ester, Formic Acid n-Amyl Ester, WLN: VHO5, FEMA No. 2068, W206806_ALDRICH, EINECS 211-340-6, NSC 72023, NSC72023, BRN 1743363, ZINC01697401, AI3-24242, LS-2561

Molecular Formula: C6H12O2Molecular Weight: 116.158280 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Isobutyrate
IUPAC Name: pentyl 2-methylpropanoate | CAS Registry Number: 2445-72-9
Synonyms: Amyl isobutyrate, Pentyl isobutyrate, Isobutyric acid, pentyl ester, Propanoic acid, 2-methyl-, pentyl ester, CID75554, EINECS 219-494-6, ZINC01841212, AI3-06017

Molecular Formula: C9H18O2Molecular Weight: 158.238020 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Laurate
IUPAC Name: pentyl dodecanoate | CAS Registry Number: 5350-03-8
Synonyms: Pentyl laurate, Amyl laurate, Lauric acid n-amyl ester, Lauric acid, pentyl ester, DODECANOIC ACID, PENTYL ESTER, NSC3891, Lauric acid, pentyl ester (8CI), NSC 3891, EINECS 226-319-7, Dodecanoic acid, pentyl ester (9CI)

Molecular Formula: C17H34O2Molecular Weight: 270.450660 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Phenylacetate
IUPAC Name: pentyl 2-phenylacetate | CAS Registry Number: 5137-52-0
Synonyms: Amyl phenylacetate, Pentyl phenylacetate, Amylphenyl acetate, n-Amyl phenylacetate, Benzeneacetic acid, pentyl ester, Acetic acid, phenyl-, pentyl ester, CID98492, NSC46135, EINECS 225-895-7, NSC 46135, ZINC01677806, Acetic acid, phenyl-, pentyl ester (8CI), AI3-24154

Molecular Formula: C13H18O2Molecular Weight: 206.280820 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Propionate
IUPAC Name: pentyl propanoate | CAS Registry Number: 624-54-4
Synonyms: Pentyl propionate, Amyl propanoate, Pentyl propanate, AMYL PROPIONATE, Pentyl propanoate, n-Pentyl propanoate, n-Pentyl propionate, n-Amyl propionate, Propanoic acid, pentyl ester, Propionic acid, pentyl ester, n-Amyl propionate (natural), 410446_ALDRICH, NSC 7931, EINECS 210-852-7, NSC7931, BRN 1747102, ZINC01586315, AI3-24356, Propionic acid, pentyl ester (6CI,7CI,8CI), LS-121581

Molecular Formula: C8H16O2Molecular Weight: 144.211440 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amyl Salicylate
IUPAC Name: pentyl 2-hydroxybenzoate | CAS Registry Number: 2050-08-0
Synonyms: Pentyl salicylate, Amyl salicylate, Caswell No. 049AA, Pentyl 2-hydroxybenzoate, SALICYLIC ACID, PENTYL ESTER, WLN: QR DVO5, Benzoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, pentyl ester, 2-Hydroxybenzoic acid, pentyl ester, EINECS 218-080-2, Amylester kyseliny salicylove [Czech], NSC 44877, NSC 46125, NSC 403668, NSC44877, NSC46125, BRN 2577253, NSC403668, AI3-00334, LS-144394, 4-10-00-00153 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

Molecular Formula: C12H16O3Molecular Weight: 208.253640 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Amyl Vinyl Carbinol
IUPAC Name: oct-1-en-3-ol | CAS Registry Number: 3391-86-4
Synonyms: Amyl vinyl carbinol, 1-Vinylhexanol, 1-OCTEN-3-OL, Vinyl amyl carbinol, Amylvinylcarbinol, Matsuica alcohol, Matsutake alcohol, 3-Hydroxy-1-octene, Pentylvinylcarbinol, Vinyl hexanol, 3-Octenol, Mushroom alcohol, Pentyl vinyl carbinol, Oct-1-ene-3-ol, Oct-1-en-3-ol, octene-1-ol-3, 1-Okten-3-ol [Czech], 1-Octen-3-ol (natural), Matsutake alcohol [Japanese], FEMA No. 2805

Molecular Formula: C8H16OMolecular Weight: 128.212040 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Amyl Vinyl Carbinyl Acetate
IUPAC Name: oct-1-en-3-yl acetate | CAS Registry Number: 2442-10-6
Synonyms: Octenyl acetate, 3-Acetoxyoctene, 1-Octen-3-yl acetate, 3-Acetoxy octene, Amyl crotonyl acetate, 3-Acetoxy-1-octene, 1-Pentylallyl acetate, Pentyl crotonyl acetate, Oct-1-en-3-yl acetate, Amyl vinyl carbinol acetate, Amyl vinyl carbinyl acetate, 1-OCTEN-3-OL, ACETATE, Pentyl vinyl carbinol acetate, FEMA No. 3582, W358207_ALDRICH, EINECS 219-474-7, BRN 1722392, AI3-34394, LS-3004, 4-02-00-00192 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

Molecular Formula: C10H18O2Molecular Weight: 170.248720 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Amylases
• Amyris Oil (CAS: 8015-65-4)
• Analytical Reagents
• Anethole
IUPAC Name: 1-methoxy-4-[(E)-prop-1-enyl]benzene | CAS Registry Number: 4180-23-8
Synonyms: trans-Anethole, ANETHOLE, trans-Anethol, Isoestragole, Aniskampfer, Monasirup, Anethol, Anise camphor, 4-Propenylanisole, p-Anethole, Oil of aniseed, p-Propenylanisole, (E)-Anethole, trans-p-Anethole, (E)-Anethol, Anethole, trans-, Acintene O, Nauli "gum", Anethole [USAN], Anisole, p-propenyl-

Molecular Formula: C10H12OMolecular Weight: 148.201680 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Anethole
IUPAC Name: 1-methoxy-4-[(E)-prop-1-enyl]benzene | CAS Registry Number: 104-46-1
Synonyms: trans-Anethole, ANETHOLE, trans-Anethol, Isoestragole, Anise camphor, p-Anethole, Oil of aniseed, Aniskampfer, Monasirup, p-Propenylanisole, (E)-Anethole, Anethol, trans-p-Anethole, (E)-Anethol, 4-Propenylanisole, t-anethole, Anethole, trans-, E-anethole, trans-p-Propenylanisole, (E)-p-Propenylanisole

Molecular Formula: C10H12OMolecular Weight: 148.201680 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Angelica Root Oil (CAS: 8015-64-3)
• Anisaldehyde
IUPAC Name: 4-methoxybenzaldehyde | CAS Registry Number: 50984-52-6
Synonyms: P-ANISALDEHYDE, 4-Methoxybenzaldehyde, Crategine, Aubepine, Obepin, Anisic aldehyde, p-Formylanisole, 4-Anisaldehyde, p-Anisic aldehyde, Benzaldehyde, 4-methoxy-, Methoxybenzaldehyde, p-Methoxybenzaldehyde, Formylanisole, p-, Aub+ pine, Benzaldehyde, methoxy-, Anisaldehyde solution, Caswell No. 051E, nchembio.150-comp52, SRA1_SIAL, CCRIS 821

Molecular Formula: C8H8O2Molecular Weight: 136.147920 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Anise Fruit Extract (Pimpinella Anisum) (CAS: 84775-42-8)
• Anise Oil (CAS: 8007-70-3)
• Anisic Acid
IUPAC Name: 4-methoxybenzoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 1335-08-6
Synonyms: p-Anisic acid, Draconic acid, 4-Anisic acid, 4-METHOXYBENZOIC ACID, p-Methoxybenzoic acid, ANISIC ACID, Benzoic acid, 4-methoxy-, 4-Methoxybenzoate, Methoxybenzoic acid, Anisic acid, p-isomer, ANISIC ACID, PARA, 1sv3, P-Methoxy Benzoic Acid, NCIOpen2_004706, W394505_ALDRICH, 117390_ALDRICH, Kyselina 4-methoxybenzoova [Czech], 10550_FLUKA, 84688_FLUKA, CHEBI:40813

Molecular Formula: C8H8O3Molecular Weight: 152.147320 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Anisole
IUPAC Name: methoxybenzene | CAS Registry Number: 100-66-3
Synonyms: Methoxybenzene, ANISOLE, Benzene, methoxy-, Methyl phenyl ether, Anizol, Phenoxymethane, Benzene, methoxy, Anisol, Phenol methyl ether, Phenyl methyl ether, Ether, methyl phenyl, FEMA Number 2097, Ether, methyl phenyl-, HSDB 44, FEMA No. 2097, WLN: 1OR, 296295_ALDRICH, NSC 7920, 10520_FLUKA, 96109_FLUKA

Molecular Formula: C7H8OMolecular Weight: 108.137820 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Anisyl Acetate
IUPAC Name: (4-methoxyphenyl)methyl acetate | CAS Registry Number: 104-21-2
Synonyms: Anisyl acetate, Cassie ketone, 4-Methoxybenzyl acetate, Anisyl acetate (natural), Anisyl acetate, p-isomer, Methoxybenzyl acetate, p-, P-METHOXYBENZYL ACETATE, p-Methoxybenzyl alcohol acetate, Benzyl alcohol, p-methoxy-, acetate, Benzenemethanol, 4-methoxy-, acetate, W209805_ALDRICH, FEMA No. 2098, 4-Methoxybenzenenemethyl acetate, NSC46102, EINECS 203-185-8, NSC 46102, ZINC01677778, AI3-04097, ST5330641, Benzyl alcohol, p-methoxy-, acetate (8CI)

Molecular Formula: C10H12O3Molecular Weight: 180.200480 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Anisyl Butyrate
IUPAC Name: (4-methoxyphenyl)methyl butanoate | CAS Registry Number: 6963-56-0
Synonyms: Anisyl butyrate, 4-Methoxybenzyl butyrate, Methoxybenzyl butyrate, p-, FEMA No. 2100, (4-Methoxyphenyl)methyl butanoate, Methoxybenzyl alcohol butyrate, p-, Butyric acid, p-methoxybenzyl ester, Butanoic acid, (4-methoxyphenyl)methyl ester, EINECS 230-163-5, Benzyl alcohol, p-methoxy-, butyrate, NSC 53797, NSC53797, LS-2564, Butyric acid, p-methoxybenzyl ester (8CI), ST5445232

Molecular Formula: C12H16O3Molecular Weight: 208.253640 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Anisyl Formate
IUPAC Name: (4-methoxyphenyl)methyl formate | CAS Registry Number: 122-91-8
Synonyms: Anisyl formate, Anisyl methanoate, 4-Methoxybenzyl formate, p-Methoxybenzyl formate, Anisyl alcohol, formate, Anisyl formate (natural), Methoxybenzyl methanoate, p-, p-Methoxybenzyl alcohol, formate, 4-Methoxybenzenemethyl formate, FEMA No. 2101, Benzyl alcohol, p-methoxy-, formate, W210102_ALDRICH, NSC 5949, EINECS 204-582-9, NSC5949, BENZENEMETHANOL, 4-METHOXY-, FORMATE, AI3-02941, LS-2565, ST5409312, Benzyl alcohol, p-methoxy-, formate (8CI)

Molecular Formula: C9H10O3Molecular Weight: 166.173900 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Anisyl Phenylacetate
IUPAC Name: (4-methoxyphenyl)methyl 2-phenylacetate | CAS Registry Number: 102-17-0
Synonyms: Anisyl phenylacetate, Anisyl alpha-toluate, p-Methoxybenzyl phenylacetate, 4-Methoxybenzyl phenylacetate, FEMA No. 3740, W374008_ALDRICH, EINECS 203-010-5, (4-Methoxyphenyl)methyl benzeneacetate, BRN 5045439, Phenylacetic acid, p-methoxybenzyl ester, Benzeneacetic acid, (4-methoxyphenyl)methyl ester, AI3-36547, LS-2566, ACETIC ACID, PHENYL-, p-METHOXYBENZYL ESTER

Molecular Formula: C16H16O3Molecular Weight: 256.296440 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Anisyl Propanal
IUPAC Name: 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)propanal | CAS Registry Number: 20401-88-1
Synonyms: 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)propanal, 3-(4-METHOXYPHENYL)PROPIONALDEHYDE, ANISYL PROPANAL, PubChem10913, ACMC-20ah16, Benzenepropanal,4-methoxy-, 4-METHOXY-BENZENEPROPANAL, CTK4E4126, MolPort-008-485-703, 4-METHOXYHYDROCINNAMALDEHYDE, BENZENEPROPANAL, 4-METHOXY-, 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-propionaldehyde, ANW-73000, ZINC02568153, AKOS010077097, AB06888, AG-E-49545, Ethyl,1-formyl-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-, AK109187, KB-27144

Molecular Formula: C10H12O2Molecular Weight: 164.201080 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Anisyl Propionate
IUPAC Name: (4-methoxyphenyl)methyl propanoate | CAS Registry Number: 7549-33-9
Synonyms: ANISYL PROPIONATE, p-Methoxybenzyl propionate, 4-Methoxybenzyl propionate, FEMA No. 2102, Benzenemethanol, 4-methoxy-, propanoate, 4-Methoxybenzenemethyl propanoate, W210218_ALDRICH, 4-Methoxybenzenemethanol propanoate, Benzyl alcohol, P-methoxy-, propionate, EINECS 231-433-5, NSC 46113, NSC46113, Propionic acid, p-methoxybenzyl ester, AI3-06113, LS-2567, Propionic acid, p-methoxybenzyl ester (6CI), Benzyl alcohol, p-methoxy-, propionate (8CI)

Molecular Formula: C11H14O3Molecular Weight: 194.227060 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Anisylidene Acetone
IUPAC Name: 4-(4-methoxyphenyl)but-3-en-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 943-88-4
Synonyms: p-Anisilidenacetone, p-Methoxybenzalacetone, p-Methoxybenzylideneacetone, 4-Methoxybenzylideneacetone, Methyl p-methoxystyryl ketone, NSC7946, NSC31752, 3-Buten-2-one, 4-(p-methoxyphenyl)-, 3-Buten-2-one, 4-(4-methoxyphenyl)-

Molecular Formula: C11H12O2Molecular Weight: 176.211780 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Annatto
IUPAC Name: (2E,4E,6E,8E,10E,12E,14E,16Z,18E)-4,8,13,17-tetramethylicosa-2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18-nonaenedioic acid | CAS Registry Number: 1393-63-1
Synonyms: Annatto extract, Annatto pigment, Annotta extract, Annatto (color), Natural orange 4, Annatto coloring dye, Bixa orellana extract, Annatto Extract Acid Proof, FEMA No. 2103, FEMA No. 2104, CCRIS 3651, C.I. NATURAL ORANGE 4, Annatto seed (Bixa orellana L.), Annatto extract (Bixa orellana L.), EINECS 215-735-4, annatto, extract (bixa orellana l.), CI 75120, LS-2208, NCGC00091523-01, 1343-85-7

Molecular Formula: C24H28O4Molecular Weight: 380.476720 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Anthranilic Acid Butyl Ester
IUPAC Name: butyl 2-aminobenzoate | CAS Registry Number: 7756-96-9
Synonyms: BUTYL ANTHRANILATE, Butyl 2-aminobenzoate, n-Butyl anthranilate, n-Butyl o-aminobenzoate, Butyl O-aminobenzoate, Anthranilic acid, butyl ester, FEMA No. 2181, CCRIS 4759, 2-Aminobenzoic acid butyl ester, Benzoic acid, 2-amino-, butyl ester, MLS001050125, W218103_ALDRICH, EINECS 231-816-7, 2-Aminobenzoic acid, butyl ester, NSC 406509, NSC406509, ZINC01599253, AI3-03442, LS-1720, NCGC00091623-01

Molecular Formula: C11H15NO2Molecular Weight: 193.242300 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Anthranilic Acid Cinnamyl Ester
IUPAC Name: [(E)-3-phenylprop-2-enyl] 2-aminobenzoate | CAS Registry Number: 87-29-6
Synonyms: Cinnamyl anthranylate, Cinnamyl o-aminobenzoate, Cinnamyl 2-aminobenzoate, CINNAMYL ANTHRANILATE, Anthranilic acid, cinnamyl ester, CCRIS 171, Cinnamyl alcohol, anthranilate, FEMA No. 2295, 3-Phenyl-2-propenylanthranilate, HSDB 4127, 3-Phenyl-2-propenyl anthranilate, Cinnamylester kyseliny anthranilove, NCI-C03510, EINECS 201-738-8, NSC 46286, ZINC01677974, 3-Phenyl-2-propen-1-yl anthranilate, CID5284369, LS-3379, 3-Phenyl-2-propen-1-ol 2-aminobenzoate

Molecular Formula: C16H15NO2Molecular Weight: 253.295800 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Antioxidant BHT
IUPAC Name: 2,6-ditert-butyl-4-methylphenol | CAS Registry Number: 128-37-0
Synonyms: Butylated hydroxytoluene, Butylhydroxytoluene, Dibunol, Ionol, Impruvol, Topanol, Dalpac, Deenax, Ionole, Stavox, Vianol, Antioxidant KB, Kerabit, Sustane, Tonarol, Agidol, Antioxidant 4K, Sumilizer BHT, Topanol O, Topanol OC

Molecular Formula: C15H24OMolecular Weight: 220.350460 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Antipyrine
IUPAC Name: 1,5-dimethyl-2-phenylpyrazol-3-one | CAS Registry Number: 60-80-0
Synonyms: antipyrine, Phenazone, Anodynin, Analgesine, Anodynine, Antipirin, Antipyrin, Phenozone, Fenazone, Phenazon, Azophen, Antipyrinum, Apirelina, Azophenum, Phenazonum, Phenylone, Pyrazophyl, Auralgan, Azophene, Methozin

Molecular Formula: C11H12N2OMolecular Weight: 188.225780 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Apricot Kernel Oil (CAS: 72869-69-3)
• Aquapel
IUPAC Name: 5-[3,4-dihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)-5-methoxyoxan-2-yl]oxy-6-[[3,4-dihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)-5-methoxyoxan-2-yl]oxymethyl]-2-[4,5-dihydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-methyloxan-3-yl]oxyoxane-3,4-diol | CAS Registry Number: 9005-25-8
Synonyms: Potato starch, Wheat starch, Corn starch, Rice starch, Cornstarch, Starch, potato, Clearjel, Supertah, Keestar, Maizena, Maranta, Melojel, Starch, wheat, Starken, Amylum, Genvis, Meluna, Trogum, Starch, corn, Amyla

Molecular Formula: C27H48O20Molecular Weight: 692.658020 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 11H-Bond Acceptor: 20


• Arabinogalactan
IUPAC Name: 2-[3,5-dihydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-methyloxan-4-yl]oxy-6-[(3,5-dihydroxy-4-methoxyoxan-2-yl)oxymethyl]-4-methoxyoxane-3,5-diol | CAS Registry Number: 9036-66-2
Synonyms: Galactoarabinan, Larch gum, ARABINOGALACTAN, Arabinogalactoglycan, D-Galacto-L-arabinan, Galacto-L-arabinan, L-, FEMA No. 3254, EINECS 232-910-0, CPD1G-1530, LS-180633, C00569, 113956-37-9, 37280-16-3, 98530-09-7

Molecular Formula: C20H36O14Molecular Weight: 500.491440 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 7H-Bond Acceptor: 14


• Arbanol
IUPAC Name: 2-[[(1S,4S,6S)-1,7,7-trimethyl-6-bicyclo[2.2.1]heptanyl]oxy]ethanol | CAS Registry Number: 7070-15-7
Synonyms: beta-Hydroxyethyl isobornyl ether, EINECS 230-364-8, CID111255, exo-2-Camphanyl beta-hydroxyethyl ether, exo-2-((1,7,7-Trimethylbicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2-yl)oxy)ethanol, Ethanol, 2-((1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2-yl)oxy)-, exo-, Ethanol, 2-(((1R,2R,4R)-1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2-yl)oxy)-, rel-

Molecular Formula: C12H22O2Molecular Weight: 198.301880 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Aromatic Chemicals (Including Allyl Caproate, Ethyl Caproate, Geranyl Caproate, Iso Amyl Caproate)
• Ascorbic Acid
IUPAC Name: (2R)-2-[(1S)-1,2-dihydroxyethyl]-4,5-dihydroxyfuran-3-one | CAS Registry Number: 50-81-7
Synonyms: ascorbic acid, l-ascorbic acid, vitamin C, Ascorbicap, ascorbate, L-ascorbate, Ascoltin, Ascorbutina, Laroscorbine, Testascorbic, Vitascorbol, Allercorb, Ascorbajen, Ascorteal, Cescorbat, Cetemican, Cevitamin, Citriscorb, Lemascorb, Natrascorb

Molecular Formula: C6H8O6Molecular Weight: 176.124120 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Ascorbyl Palmitate
IUPAC Name: [2-(4,5-dihydroxy-3-oxofuran-2-yl)-2-hydroxyethyl] hexadecanoate | CAS Registry Number: 137-66-6
Synonyms: Ondascora, Quicifal, Cetyl ascorbate, Ascorbic palmitate, L-Ascorbyl palmitate, Ascorboyl palmitate, 1-Ascorbyl palmitate, Ascorbyl monopalmitate, Ascorbyl palmitic acid, ASCORBYL PALMITATE, Ascorbylpalmitic acid, Asc6Plm, Ascorbic acid palmitate, Ascorbyl 6-palmitate, L-Ascorbyl 6-palmitate, 6-Palmitoylascorbic acid, vitamin C-palmitate, Asc-6-O-palmitate, Palmitoyl L-ascorbic acid, L-Ascorbyl monopalmitate

Molecular Formula: C22H38O7Molecular Weight: 414.532920 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 7


• Ascorbyl Stearate
IUPAC Name: (2R)-2-[(1S)-1,2-dihydroxyethyl]-4,5-dihydroxyfuran-3-one; octadecanoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 25395-66-8
Synonyms: Ascorbyl stearate, Ascorbylmonostearate, L-Ascorbyl stearate, Ascorbyl monostearate, Ascorbic acid stearate, Ascorbyl monostearate, L-, L-Ascorbic acid, monostearate, (Stearoyloxy)-L-ascorbic acid, Ascorbyl monooctadecanoate, L-, L-Ascorbic acid, octadecanoate, L-Ascorbic acid, monooctadecanoate, EINECS 246-944-9, 51222-59-4

Molecular Formula: C24H44O8Molecular Weight: 460.601360 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 5H-Bond Acceptor: 8


• Aspartame
IUPAC Name: (3S)-3-amino-4-[[(2S)-1-methoxy-1-oxo-3-phenylpropan-2-yl]amino]-4-oxobutanoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 22839-47-0
Synonyms: aspartame, Asp-phe-ome, Nutrasweet, Canderel, Equal, Sweet dipeptide, Tri-sweet, Dipeptide sweetener, Asp-Phe methyl ester, Aspartam [INN-French], Aspartame, L,L-alpha-, Aspartamum [INN-Latin], Spectrum2_001706, Spectrum3_001949, Aspartamo [INN-Spanish], Methyl aspartylphenylalanate, BSPBio_003549, Aspartame [USAN:BAN:INN], MLS001066421, MLS001306461

Molecular Formula: C14H18N2O5Molecular Weight: 294.303120 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Aspartic Acid
IUPAC Name: 2-aminobutanedioic acid | CAS Registry Number: 617-45-8
Synonyms: aspartic acid, L-aspartic acid, aspartate, D-Aspartic acid, DL-ASPARTIC ACID, DL-Asparagic acid, Aspatofort, Spartase, Aminosuccinic acid, Asparagic acid, Acid D,L-aspart, Asparaginic acid, Aspartic acid, DL-, DL-Aminosuccinic acid, L-Asparagic acid, L-Asparaginic acid, (+-)-Aspartic acid, (S)-Aspartic acid, Aspartic acid, L-, (R,S)-Aspartic acid

Molecular Formula: C4H7NO4Molecular Weight: 133.102680 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 5


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