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Profile: Scandinavian Formulas, Inc. specializes in the supply of natural health care products, fine & specialty chemicals, intermediates and botanicals. Our shark liver oil is processed from the liver of sharks found in deep waters. Each 500 mg gelcap is purified and standardized to provide 100 mg of alkylglycerols. The Strix® bilberry extract contains Microselect® specifically from the skin & pulp of the berry, and standardized to contain 36% anthocyanosides, bilberry fruit powder, & lutein from marigold petals.

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• a,2',6'-Dimethylacetanilide
IUPAC Name: N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)acetamide | CAS Registry Number: 2198-53-0
Synonyms: 2',6'-ACETOXYLIDIDE, 2,6-Dimethylacetanilide, 2',6'-Dimethylacetanilide, N-Acetyl-2,6-dimethylaniline, N-(2,6-Dimethylphenyl)acetamide, Acetanilide, 2',6'-dimethyl-, Acetamide, N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-, N-Acetoxy-2,6-dimethylaniline, WLN: 1VMR B1 F1, 126357_ALDRICH, NSC54130, EINECS 218-596-8, NSC 54130, CID16616, BRN 2208750, SBB008144, ZINC00388169, FR-0951, LS-13864, 4-12-00-02524 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

Molecular Formula: C10H13NOMolecular Weight: 163.216320 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• a-Ketoglutaric Acid
IUPAC Name: 2-oxopentanedioic acid | CAS Registry Number: 328-50-7
Synonyms: 2-Oxopentanedioic acid, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, 2-oxoglutaric acid, 2-ketoglutaric acid, 2-oxoglutarate, 2-ketoglutarate, Oxoglutaric acid, alpha-ketoglutarate, ketoglutarate, Alphaketoglutaric acid, 2-oxopentanedionate, alpha-oxoglutarate, alpha-Oxoglutaric acid, alpha Ketoglutarate, Glutaric acid, alpha keto, 2-Oxo-Glutaric Acid, nchembio816-comp3, nchembio856-comp1, Glutaric acid, 2-oxo-, nchembio.145-comp9

Molecular Formula: C5H6O5Molecular Weight: 146.098140 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 5


• Acetanilide
IUPAC Name: N-phenylacetamide | CAS Registry Number: 103-84-4
Synonyms: acetanilide, N-Phenylacetamide, Antifebrin, Acetylaniline, Acetanilid, Acetanil, Acetamidobenzene, N-Acetylaniline, Acetoanilide, Phenalgene, Phenalgin, Acetylaminobenzene, Acetic acid anilide, Ethananilide, Acetamide, N-phenyl-, 2-Acetanilide, N-acetylarylamine, Aniline, N-acetyl-, Benzenamine, N-acetyl-, N-Acetylaminobenzene

Molecular Formula: C8H9NOMolecular Weight: 135.163160 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Acetic Acid
IUPAC Name: acetic acid | CAS Registry Number: 64-19-7
Synonyms: acetic acid, ethanoic acid, Acetasol, Glacial acetic acid, Ethylic acid, Vinegar acid, Essigsaeure, Acetic acid, glacial, Otic Tridesilon, Otic Domeboro, acetate, Aci-jel, Azijnzuur, Pyroligneous acid, Vinegar, ethoic acid, Acide acetique, Barium acetate, Sodium acetate, Acido acetico

Molecular Formula: C2H4O2Molecular Weight: 60.051960 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Acetic Anhydride
IUPAC Name: acetyl acetate | CAS Registry Number: 108-24-7
Synonyms: ACETIC ANHYDRIDE, Acetanhydride, Acetyl oxide, Acetyl acetate, Acetic oxide, Acetyl ether, Ethanoic anhydride, Acetyl anhydride, Acetic acid, anhydride, Anhydride acetique, Ethanoic anhydrate, Essigsaeureanhydrid, Caswell No. 003A, acetic acid anhydride, Azijnzuuranhydride [Dutch], Octowy bezwodnik [Polish], silane, acetyltrimethyl-, Anidride acetica [Italian], Anhydride acetique [French], Essigsaeureanhydrid [German]

Molecular Formula: C4H6O3Molecular Weight: 102.088640 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL
IUPAC Name: 3-acetyloxy-4-(trimethylazaniumyl)butanoate hydrochloride | CAS Registry Number: 5080-50-2
Synonyms: o-Acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride, Acetylcarnitine L-form hydrochloride, 1-Propanaminium, 2-(acetyloxy)-3-carboxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-, chloride, (R)-

Molecular Formula: C9H18ClNO4Molecular Weight: 239.696520 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Acetylenedicarboxylic acid monopotassium salt
IUPAC Name: but-2-ynedioic acid | CAS Registry Number: 928-04-1
Synonyms: 2-butynedioic acid, Butynedioic acid, acetylenedicarboxylic acid, but-2-ynedioic acid, acetylenedicarboxylate, Ambap4402, A15207_ALDRICH, CHEBI:30781, Acetylenedicarboxylic acid (8CI), NSC1903, AIDS017692, NSC631597(FREE ACID), AIDS-017692, NSC 1903, EINECS 205-536-0, NSC631597, 142-45-0(FREE ACID), NSC 631597, 928-04-1(MONOPOTASSIUM SALT), C03248

Molecular Formula: C4H2O4Molecular Weight: 114.056280 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Acridine
IUPAC Name: acridine | CAS Registry Number: 260-94-6
Synonyms: ACRIDINE, Acrydine, 9-Azaanthracene, 10-Azaanthracene, Akridin, 2,3-Benzoquinoline, Benzo(b)quinoline, Benzo[b]quinoline, Akridin [Czech], Dibenzo[b,e]pyridine, Dibenzo(b,e)pyridine, 2,3,5,6-Dibenzopyridine, UPCMLD-DP077, CCRIS 1636, HSDB 634, WLN: T C666 BNJ, NSC3408, Coal tar pitch volatiles: acridine, NSC 3408, UPCMLD-DP077:001

Molecular Formula: C13H9NMolecular Weight: 179.217260 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Adenine
IUPAC Name: 7H-purin-6-amine | CAS Registry Number: 73-24-5
Synonyms: adenine, 6-Aminopurine, Adenin, Adeninimine, 1H-Purin-6-amine, Vitamin B4, Leuco-4, 2-aminopurine, Purine, 6-amino-, 9H-Purin-6-amine, Leucon, 6-Amino-1H-purine, 6-Amino-3H-purine, 6-Amino-7H-purine, 6-Amino-9H-purine, adenine-ring, Pedatisectine B, Adenine [JAN], 1jys, 1nli

Molecular Formula: C5H5N5Molecular Weight: 135.126700 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 5


• Adenosine
IUPAC Name: (2R,3R,4S,5R)-2-(6-aminopurin-9-yl)-5-(hydroxymethyl)oxolane-3,4-diol | CAS Registry Number: 58-61-7
Synonyms: adenosine, Adenine riboside, Adenocard, Adenoscan, deoxyadenosine, Desoxyadenosine, Nucleocardyl, Sandesin, Boniton, Myocol, beta-Adenosine, beta-D-Adenosine, Adenine nucleoside, Polyadenosine, Adenosin, Adenyldeoxyriboside, Polyriboadenosine, Adenosin [German], adenine-D-ribose, 1odi

Molecular Formula: C10H13N5O4Molecular Weight: 267.241320 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 9


• Adipic Acid
IUPAC Name: hexanedioic acid | CAS Registry Number: 124-04-9
Synonyms: adipic acid, hexanedioic acid, Adipinic acid, adipate, Adilactetten, Acifloctin, Acinetten, Molten adipic acid, Adipinsaeure, Hexanedioate, Kyselina adipova, 1,6-Hexanedioic acid, Adipinsaure [German], 1,4-Butanedicarboxylic acid, nchembio815-comp1a, FEMA Number 2011, Acide adipique [French], Kyselina adipova [Czech], Hexan-1,6-dicarboxylate, WLN: QV4VQ

Molecular Formula: C6H10O4Molecular Weight: 146.141200 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ajmaline
Synonyms: ajmaline, Ajimalin, Ajimalin (TN), (+)-Ajmaline, Ajmaline (JP15), ajmalan-17alpha,21alpha-diol, CHEBI:28462, C06542, D00199

Molecular Formula: C20H26N2O2Molecular Weight: 326.432640 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Allomaleic Acid
IUPAC Name: (E)-but-2-enedioic acid | CAS Registry Number: 110-17-8
Synonyms: fumaric acid, Allomaleic acid, Lichenic acid, Boletic acid, Tumaric acid, trans-Butenedioic acid, fumarate, Allomalenic acid, 2-Butenedioic acid, Butenedioic acid, Fumarsaeure, But-2-enedioic acid, maleic acid, Sodium fumarate, ammonium fumarate, 2-Butenedioic acid (E)-, Kyselina fumarova, Magnesium fumarate, Caswell No. 465E, Butenedioic acid, (E)-

Molecular Formula: C4H4O4Molecular Weight: 116.072160 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Allura Red
IUPAC Name: disodium (5E)-5-[(2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfonatophenyl)hydrazinylidene]-6-oxonaphthalene-2-sulfonate | CAS Registry Number: 25956-17-6
Synonyms: Curry red, Allura Red AC, Allura red AC dye, Food red 17, Food Red No. 40, C.I. Food Red 17, Red No. 40, FD&C Red No. 40, FD and C Red No. 40, FD & C Red no. 40, CCRIS 3493, HSDB 7260, EINECS 247-368-0, ALLURA RED C.I.16035, CI 16035, LS-1091, C. I. 16035, Disodium 6-hydroxy-5-((6-methoxy-4-sulfo-m-tolyl)azo)-2-naphthalenesulfonate, 2-Naphthalenesulfonic acid, 6-hydroxy-5-((6-methoxy-4-sulfo-m-tolyl)azo)-, disodium salt, Disodium 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-4-sulphonato-m-tolyl)azo)naphthalene-2-sulphonate

Molecular Formula: C18H14N2Na2O8S2Molecular Weight: 496.421900 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 10


• Alpha-Methyl-D-Mannopyranoside
IUPAC Name: (2R,3S,4S,5S,6S)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-methoxyoxane-3,4,5-triol | CAS Registry Number: 617-04-9
Synonyms: Methyl mannoside, 2jdn, 2jdy, Mannoside, methyl, O1-Methyl-Mannose, alpha-D-Methyl mannoside, Methyl alpha-D-mannoside, Methyl-alpha-D-mannoside, Methyl alpha-D-mannopyranoside, 1ws5, 2bv4, alpha-Methyl D-mannoside, alpha-Methyl mannopyranoside, alpha-Methyl-D-(-)-mannoside, M6882_SIGMA, alpha-D-Mannopyranoside, methyl, 1-O-Methyl-alpha-D-mannopyranoside, 67770_FLUKA, CHEBI:43943, Methyl alpha-D-mannoside (VAN)

Molecular Formula: C7H14O6Molecular Weight: 194.182460 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Aluminium Nicotinate
IUPAC Name: aluminum pyridine-3-carboxylate | CAS Registry Number: 1976-28-9
Synonyms: Aluminum nicotinate, Aluminium trinicotinate, Niacin Aluminum Salt, Tris(nicotinato)aluminum, Aluminum, tris(nicotinato)-, Nicotinic acid, aluminum salt, Aluminum 3-pyridinecarboxylate, 3C6H4NO2.Al, 59-67-6 (Parent), EINECS 217-832-7, CID16098, 3-Pyridinecarboxylic acid, aluminum salt, LS-2554

Molecular Formula: C18H12AlN3O6Molecular Weight: 393.285918 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 9


• Aluminum Benzoate
IUPAC Name: aluminum tribenzoate | CAS Registry Number: 555-32-8
Synonyms: Aluminum benzoate, Aluminium tribenzoate, Benzoic acid, aluminum salt, EINECS 209-091-3

Molecular Formula: C21H15AlO6Molecular Weight: 390.321738 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Aluminum hydride
IUPAC Name: alumane | CAS Registry Number: 7784-21-6
Synonyms: alumane, Alane, trihydridoaluminium, Aluminum trihydride, Aluminium trihydride, AlH3, [AlH3], CHEBI:30136

Molecular Formula: AlH3Molecular Weight: 30.005358 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Amino Ethyl Ethanolamine
IUPAC Name: 2-(2-aminoethylamino)ethanol | CAS Registry Number: 111-41-1
Synonyms: Aminoethylethanolamine, Monoethanolethylenediamine, Ethanolethylene diamine, N-Aminoethylethanolamine, N-(Aminoethyl)ethanolamine, (2-Aminoethyl)ethanolamine, N-(2-Aminoethyl)ethanolamine, 2-(2-Aminoethylamino)ethanol, N-Aminoethyl ethanolamine, N-(Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine, Hydroxyethyl ethylenediamine, (2-Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine, N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine, AMINOETHYL ETHANOLAMINE, 2-((Aminoethyl)amino)ethanol, N-Hydroxyethyl-1,2-ethanediamine, CCRIS 4825, WLN: Z2M2Q, Ethanol, 2-[(2-aminoethyl)amino]-, HSDB 2067

Molecular Formula: C4H12N2OMolecular Weight: 104.150880 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Aminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal
IUPAC Name: 2,2-diethoxyethanamine | CAS Registry Number: 645-36-3
Synonyms: 2,2-Diethoxyethylamine, Ethanamine, 2,2-diethoxy-, Aminoacetaldehyde acetal, 2,2-Diethoxyethanamine, Glycinaldehyde diethyl acetal, A37200_ALDRICH, 2-Aminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal, Acetaldehyde, amino-, diethyl acetal, 06570_FLUKA, NSC19501, EINECS 211-439-4, NSC 19501, SBB004213, .beta.-Aminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal, .alpha.-Aminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal, TL8004585, Acetaldehyde, amino-, diethyl acetal (8CI)

Molecular Formula: C6H15NO2Molecular Weight: 133.188800 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Aminoacetaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal
IUPAC Name: 2,2-dimethoxyethanamine | CAS Registry Number: 22483-09-6
Synonyms: 2,2-Dimethoxyethylamine, Aminoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal, 2,2-Dimethoxyethanamine, Ethanamine, 2,2-dimethoxy-, DIMETHYLAMINOACETAL, 121967_ALDRICH, CID89728, NSC73701, EINECS 245-026-5, NSC 73701, Acetaldehyde, amino-, dimethyl acetal, SB 01204, Acetaldehyde, amino-, dimethyl acetal (8CI), A-4900, InChI=1/C4H11NO2/c1-6-4(3-5)7-2/h4H,3,5H2,1-2H

Molecular Formula: C4H11NO2Molecular Weight: 105.135640 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Aminoethane
IUPAC Name: ethanamine | CAS Registry Number: 75-04-7
Synonyms: Ethanamine, Monoethylamine, ETHYLAMINE, 1-Aminoethane, Ethylamine solution, Ethyl amine, QuadraPure EDA, Etilamina [Italian], Etyloamina [Polish], Aethylamine [German], QuadraPure Bis(ethylamine), CCRIS 6261, HSDB 803, C2H7N, 301264_ALDRICH, 395064_ALDRICH, 395072_ALDRICH, 471208_ALDRICH, 668583_ALDRICH, 02946_FLUKA

Molecular Formula: C2H7NMolecular Weight: 45.083680 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Amma-oryzanol
Synonyms: gamma Oryzanol, gamma-Oryzanol, gamma Oryzanol (JAN), HI-Z, Hi-Z (TN), D01221

Molecular Formula: C40H58O4Molecular Weight: 602.886120 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ammonia Aqua
IUPAC Name: azanium hydroxide | CAS Registry Number: 1336-21-6
Synonyms: Ammonia water, Ammonia aqueous, ammonium hydroxide, Ammonia solution, Aquammonia, Aqua ammonia, Ammonia, aqua, Household ammonia, Ammonia, aqueous, Spirit of hartshorn, Ammonia, monohydrate, Ammonia water 29%, Caswell No. 044, Ammonia water (TN), NH4OH, SX 1 (ammonia water), Ammonia solution, strong, Ammonia, aqueous solution, Ammonia water (JP15), Ammonium hydroxide solution

Molecular Formula: H5NOMolecular Weight: 35.045800 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Ammonia Sulphate
IUPAC Name: diazanium sulfate | CAS Registry Number: 7783-20-2
Synonyms: Actamaster, Mascagnite, Dolamin, Diammonium sulfate, Ammonium sulphate, Diammonium sulphate, Caswell No. 048, AMMONIUM SULFATE, Ammonium-14N2 sulfate, Ammonium hydrogen sulfate, Ammonium sulfate solution, Sulfuric acid diammonium salt, Ammonium sulfate (2:1), Ammonium sulfate, solution, Ammonium sulfate (solution), Sulfatom ammoniya [Russian], Sulfuric acid, diammonium salt, 451975_ALDRICH, 485306_ALDRICH, 485411_ALDRICH

Molecular Formula: H8N2O4SMolecular Weight: 132.139520 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ammonium Acetate
IUPAC Name: azanium acetate | CAS Registry Number: 631-61-8
Synonyms: Water solution, AMMONIUM ACETATE, Ammonium acetate solution, Acetic acid, ammonium salt, A1542_SIGMA, A2706_SIGMA, 25007_RIEDEL, 32301_RIEDEL, 34674_RIEDEL, 372331_ALDRICH, 431311_ALDRICH, 667404_ALDRICH, A7262_SIAL, A7330_SIAL, 09688_FLUKA, 09691_FLUKA, 17836_FLUKA, 49638_FLUKA, 73594_FLUKA, Water with 0.1% ammonium acetate

Molecular Formula: C2H7NO2Molecular Weight: 77.082480 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Ammonium Acid Fluoride
IUPAC Name: azanium fluoride hydrofluoride | CAS Registry Number: 1341-49-7
Synonyms: Ammonium difluoride, Ammonium hydrofluoride, Acid ammonium fluoride, Ammonium acid fluoride, AMMONIUM FLUORIDE, AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE, Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, Ammonium hydrogen bifluoride, Ammonium hydrogen difluoride, HSDB 480, Ammonium fluoride ((NH4)(HF2)), ammonium fluoride hydrofluoride, Fluorure acide d'ammonium [French], EINECS 215-676-4, UN1727, UN2817, LS-18179, Ammonium fluoride comp. with hydrogen fluoride (1:1), Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, solid [UN1727] [Corrosive]

Molecular Formula: F2H5NMolecular Weight: 57.043206 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Ammonium adipate
IUPAC Name: diazanium hexanedioate | CAS Registry Number: 19090-60-9
Synonyms: adipic acid, Diammonium adipate, Adipic acid ammonium salt, Adipic acid, diammonium salt, Adipic acid, ammonium salt, Hexanedioic acid, diammonium salt, 124-04-9 (Parent), Hexanedioic aid, diammonium salt, EINECS 222-196-9, EINECS 242-809-3, CID167786, Hexanedioic acid, ammonium salt (1:2), Hexanedioic aid, diammonium salt (9CI), LS-15237, 3385-41-9

Molecular Formula: C6H16N2O4Molecular Weight: 180.202240 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ammonium Bicarbonate
IUPAC Name: diazanium dizinc tricarbonate | CAS Registry Number: 1066-33-7
Synonyms: Diammonium zinc biscarbonate, EINECS 255-118-7, CID162438, Carbonic acid, ammonium zinc salt (2:2:1), 40861-29-8

Molecular Formula: C3H8N2O9Zn2Molecular Weight: 346.921620 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 9


• Ammonium Bisulfite
IUPAC Name: azanium sulfite | CAS Registry Number: 10192-30-0
Synonyms: Ammonium monosulfite, Monoammonium sulfite, Ammonium hydrosulfite, Ammonium acid sulfite, Ammonium hydrogensulphite, AMMONIUM BISULFITE, Ammonium hydrogen sulfite, Ammonium sulfite, hydrogen, Ammonium bisulfite solution, Ammonium bisulfite (NH4HSO3), HSDB 486, Sulfurous acid, monoammonium salt, EINECS 233-469-7, Ammonium bisulfite solution (70% or less), 17026-44-7

Molecular Formula: H4NO3S-Molecular Weight: 98.101660 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ammonium Bromide
IUPAC Name: azanium bromide | CAS Registry Number: 12124-97-9
Synonyms: Nervine, Ammonii bromidum, Ammonium bromatum, AMMONIUM BROMIDE, Hydrobromic acid monoammoniate, (NH4)Br, Ammonium bromide ((NH4)Br), HSDB 207, EINECS 235-183-8, LS-16920, 101215-76-3, 14216-86-5, 204322-88-3, 7789-32-4

Molecular Formula: BrH4NMolecular Weight: 97.942460 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Ammonium Chloride
IUPAC Name: azanium chloride | CAS Registry Number: 12125-02-9
Synonyms: AMMONIUM CHLORIDE, Salmiac, Sal ammoniac, Ammoniumklorid, Chlorammonic, Ammonchlor, Elektrolyt, Salammonite, Ammoneric, Chloramon, Darammon, Amchlor, Sal ammonia, Ammonium muriate, Ammon Chlor, Ammoniumchlorid, Ammonii Chloridum, PV Tussin Syrup, Ammonium Chloratum, Cloruro de Amonio

Molecular Formula: ClH4NMolecular Weight: 53.491460 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Ammonium Formate
IUPAC Name: azanium formate | CAS Registry Number: 540-69-2
Synonyms: AMMONIUM FORMATE, Ammonium formate solution, Formic acid ammonium salt, Formic acid, ammonium salt, 516961_ALDRICH, 09735_FLUKA, 09739_FLUKA, 17843_FLUKA, 55674_FLUKA, 70221_FLUKA, 78314_FLUKA, 156264_SIAL

Molecular Formula: CH5NO2Molecular Weight: 63.055900 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate
IUPAC Name: (2S,3S,4S,5R,6S)-6-[[(3S,4aR,6aR,6bS,8aS,11S,12aR,14aR,14bS)-11-carboxy-4,4,6a,6b,8a,11,14b-heptamethyl-14-oxo-2,3,4a,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,12a,14a-dodecahydro-1H-picen-3-yl]oxy]-5-[(2R,3R,4S,5S,6S)-6-carboxy-3,4,5-trihydroxyoxan-2-yl]oxy-3,4-dihydroxyoxane-2-carboxylic acid; azane | CAS Registry Number: 53956-04-0
Synonyms: Glycamil, Glycyrram, Ammonium glycyrrhizate, Glycyron No.1, Ammoniated glycyrrhizin, Glycyrrhizin, ammoniated, Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate, Monoammonium glycyrrhizate, Glycyron No.1 (TN), AMMONIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE, FEMA No. 2528, CCRIS 1897, Glycyrrhizic acid, ammonium salt, NSC 2800, EINECS 258-887-7, Glycyrrhizic acid, monoammonium salt, Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate (JAN), Glycyrrhizinic acid, ammonium salt (1:1), Glycyrrhizin, ammoniated (Glycyrrhiza spp.), LS-71624

Molecular Formula: C42H65NO16Molecular Weight: 839.962600 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 9H-Bond Acceptor: 17


• Ammonium Nitrate
IUPAC Name: azanium nitrate | CAS Registry Number: 6484-52-2
Synonyms: Nitram, Herco prills, German saltpeter, Norway saltpeter, Merco Prills, Varioform I, Ammonium nitricum, Ammonium saltpeter, Nitrate of ammonia, AMMONIUM NITRATE, Nitric acid ammonium salt, Caswell No. 045, Ammonium nitrate solution, Ammonium nitrate, solution, Nitrato amonico [Spanish], Nitric acid, ammonium salt, Ammonium hydrogendinitrate, Nitrate d'ammonium [French], Ammonium(I) nitrate (1:1), HSDB 475

Molecular Formula: H4N2O3Molecular Weight: 80.043360 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ammonium Persulphate
IUPAC Name: diazanium sulfonatooxy sulfate | CAS Registry Number: 7727-54-0
Synonyms: Ammonium persulfate, Diammonium persulfate, Ammonium peroxydisulfate, Diammonium peroxydisulfate, Diammonium peroxodisulphate, Diammonium peroxydisulphate, CCRIS 1430, Persulfate d'ammonium [French], EINECS 231-786-5, UN1444, PEROXYDISULFURIC ACID, DIAMMONIUM SALT, LS-2430, Ammonium persulfate [UN1444] [Oxidizer], Ammonium persulfate [UN1444] [Oxidizer], diammonium [(sulfonatoperoxy)sulfonyl]oxidanide, Peroxydisulfuric acid (((HO)S(O)2)2O2), diammonium salt, 398469-95-9

Molecular Formula: H8N2O8S2Molecular Weight: 228.202120 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 8


• Ammonium Silico Fluoride
IUPAC Name: diazanium hexafluorosilicon(2-) | CAS Registry Number: 16919-19-0
Synonyms: Ammonium fluosilicate, Ammonium fluorosilicate, Caswell No. 043, Diammonium fluosilicate, Ammonium hexafluorosilicate, Diammonium fluorosilicate, Ammonium silicon fluoride, Diammonium hexafluorosilicate, LPE 6, AMMONIUM SILICOFLUORIDE, Diammonium silicon hexafluoride, HSDB 472, Fluorosilicic acid, ammonium salt, Diammonium hexafluorosilicate(2-), Silicate, hexafluoro-, diammonium, 204331_ALDRICH, 372579_ALDRICH, EINECS 240-968-3, UN2854, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 075301

Molecular Formula: F6H8N2SiMolecular Weight: 178.152839 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 7


• Ammonium Sulfamate
IUPAC Name: azanium sulfamate | CAS Registry Number: 7773-06-0
Synonyms: Ammate, Ikurin, Feliderm K, Ammate X, AMMONIUM SULFAMATE, Ammonium sulphamate, Ammonium sulfamidate, Ammonium sulphamidate, Ammonium amidosulphate, Monoammonium sulfamate, AMS (salt), Fyran J 3, Ammonium amidosulfonate, Ammonium aminosulfonate, Caswell No. 047, Sulfaminsaure [German], Fyran 200 K, HSDB 703, Sulfamic acid, ammonium salt, Sulfamic acid, monoammonium salt

Molecular Formula: H6N2O3SMolecular Weight: 114.124240 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ammonium Thio Sulphate
Synonyms: Diammonium thiosulfate, LS-192837, Thiosulfuric acid (H2S2O3), diammonium salt

Molecular Formula: H8N2O3S2Molecular Weight: 148.205120 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Amylamines
IUPAC Name: pentan-1-amine | CAS Registry Number: 110-58-7
Synonyms: Amylamine, Pentylamine, 1-Pentanamine, Monoamylamine, Norleucamine, 1-Aminopentane, n-Pentylamine, 1-Pentylamine, N-AMYLAMINE, pentan-1-amine, CCRIS 6210, W424201_ALDRICH, Amylamines, mixture of isomers, 171409_ALDRICH, 473316_ALDRICH, NSC 7906, 77059_FLUKA, 77060_FLUKA, EINECS 203-780-2, NSC7906

Molecular Formula: C5H13NMolecular Weight: 87.163420 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Anhydrous Caustic Soda
IUPAC Name: sodium;hydroxide | CAS Registry Number: 1310-73-2
Synonyms: SODIUM HYDROXIDE, Caustic soda, Sodium hydrate, Soda lye, White caustic, Sodium hydroxide (Na(OH)), Aetznatron, Ascarite, Sodium hydroxide solution, Soda, caustic, Natriumhydroxid, Rohrputz, Plung, Collo-Grillrein, Liquid-plumr, Caustic soda solution, Collo-Tapetta, Fuers Rohr, Rohrreiniger Rofix, NaOH

Molecular Formula: HNaOMolecular Weight: 39.997 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride
IUPAC Name: hydrogen chloride | CAS Registry Number: 7647-01-0
Synonyms: hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride, hydrochloride, Muriatic acid, Bowl Cleaner, chlorane, chlorum, Spirits of salt, Hydrogenchlorid, Chlorohydric acid, Chlore, chloridohydrogen, Chlor, Chlorwasserstoff, Cloro, Acid, Muriatic, Wasserstoffchlorid, 4-D Bowl Sanitizer, Acid, Hydrochloric, Chloride, Hydrogen

Molecular Formula: ClHMolecular Weight: 36.460940 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Anthranilic Acid
IUPAC Name: 2-aminobenzoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 118-92-3
Synonyms: anthranilic acid, 2-aminobenzoic acid, o-Carboxyaniline, o-aminobenzoic acid, vitamin L1, 2-Carboxyaniline, anthranilate, o-Anthranilic acid, Carboxyaniline, 2-aminobenzoate, Benzoic acid, 2-amino-, Vitamin L, Cupric anthranilate, o-Aminobenzoesaeure, AMINOBENZOIC ACID, 2-Aminobenzoesaeure, 2-Carboxyphenylamine, ortho-Aminobenzoic acid, Caswell No. 033G, 1-Amino-2-carboxybenzene

Molecular Formula: C7H7NO2Molecular Weight: 137.135980 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Antimony Oxide
IUPAC Name: oxo(oxostibanyloxy)stibane | CAS Registry Number: 1309-64-4
Synonyms: ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE, Antimony(III) oxide, 11115_RIEDEL, 202649_ALDRICH, 230898_ALDRICH, 379255_ALDRICH, 637173_ALDRICH, 10781_FLUKA, CID27652

Molecular Formula: O3Sb2Molecular Weight: 291.518200 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Arginine Aspartate
IUPAC Name: 2-aminobutanedioic acid; (2R)-2-amino-5-(diaminomethylideneamino)pentanoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 7675-83-4
Synonyms: ARGININE ASPARTATE, L-Arginine, L-aspartate, EINECS 231-656-8, CID24325, LS-21578, L-Aspartic acid, compd. with L-arginine (1:1), L-Aspartic acid, compound with L-arginine (1:1), 3054-35-1

Molecular Formula: C10H21N5O6Molecular Weight: 307.303640 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 7H-Bond Acceptor: 11


• Ascorbic Acid
IUPAC Name: (2R)-2-[(1S)-1,2-dihydroxyethyl]-4,5-dihydroxyfuran-3-one | CAS Registry Number: 50-81-7
Synonyms: ascorbic acid, l-ascorbic acid, vitamin C, Ascorbicap, ascorbate, L-ascorbate, Ascoltin, Ascorbutina, Laroscorbine, Testascorbic, Vitascorbol, Allercorb, Ascorbajen, Ascorteal, Cescorbat, Cetemican, Cevitamin, Citriscorb, Lemascorb, Natrascorb

Molecular Formula: C6H8O6Molecular Weight: 176.124120 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Aspartame
IUPAC Name: (3S)-3-amino-4-[[(2S)-1-methoxy-1-oxo-3-phenylpropan-2-yl]amino]-4-oxobutanoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 22839-47-0
Synonyms: aspartame, Asp-phe-ome, Nutrasweet, Canderel, Equal, Sweet dipeptide, Tri-sweet, Dipeptide sweetener, Asp-Phe methyl ester, Aspartam [INN-French], Aspartame, L,L-alpha-, Aspartamum [INN-Latin], Spectrum2_001706, Spectrum3_001949, Aspartamo [INN-Spanish], Methyl aspartylphenylalanate, BSPBio_003549, Aspartame [USAN:BAN:INN], MLS001066421, MLS001306461

Molecular Formula: C14H18N2O5Molecular Weight: 294.303120 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Atropine Sulfate
IUPAC Name: (8-methyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-yl) 3-hydroxy-2-phenylpropanoate; sulfuric acid | CAS Registry Number: 55-48-1
Synonyms: Atropine sulfate, Sulfatropinol, Tropintran, Atropette, Atropisol, Corbella, Davurtrop, Atropen, Eyesule, Ryuato, Ichtho-bellol, Lio-atropin, Atropine sulphate, Colonaid, Lomotil, Motofen, Lonox, Atropinium sulfate, Atropin siran [Czech], Atropinsulfat [German]

Molecular Formula: C34H48N2O10SMolecular Weight: 676.817320 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 12


• Attapulgite
IUPAC Name: aluminum;magnesium;silicon;hydroxide;tetradecahydrate | CAS Registry Number: 12174-11-7
Synonyms: Palygorskite, ATTAPULGITE, Actapulgite, Palygorscite, Palygorskit, Parepectolin, Attaclay, Attacote, Attagel, Attasorb, Permagel, Rheaban, Diluex, Zeogel, Attapulgus clay, Toxi-sorb bolus, Clay, attapulgite, Pharmasorb-colloidal, Attagel 40, Attagel 50

Molecular Formula: Al2H29Mg2O15Si4-Molecular Weight: 484.136337 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 15H-Bond Acceptor: 15


• Avena sativa extract (CAS: 84012-26-0)

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