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Profile: Shanghai Chemhere Co., Ltd. deals with lab reagent, fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. We develop catalysts and key reagents for laboratories. Our chemicals are used in research institutes and universities. We also offer custom synthesis in both research and development scale.

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• a-Ketoleucine Calcium Salt
IUPAC Name: 4-methyl-2-oxopentanoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 51828-95-6
Synonyms: 2-Oxoisocaproate, Ketoleucine, 2-ketoisocaproate, alpha-oxoisocaproate, alpha-ketoisocaproate, Isopropylpyruvic acid, 4-methyl-2-oxopentanoate, 4-Methyl-2-oxovaleric acid, 2-Oxoisocaproic acid, 4-methyl-2-oxopentanoic acid, alpha-Ketoisocaproic acid, 2-oxo-4-methylpentanoate, 2-keto-4-methyl-pentanoate, 2K-4CH3-PENTANOATE, 2-KETOISOCAPROIC ACID, 2-OXO-4-METHYLPENTANOIC ACID, Calcium 4-methyl-2-oxovalerate, 68255_FLUKA, CHEBI:48430, Pentanoic acid, 4-methyl-2-oxo-

Molecular Formula: C6H10O3Molecular Weight: 130.141800 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Acamprosate Calcium
IUPAC Name: calcium 3-acetamidopropane-1-sulfonate | CAS Registry Number: 77337-73-6
Synonyms: Campral, Acamprosate calcium, Alcomed, Sobriol, Aotal, Acamprosate, Campral EC, Campral (TN), Acamprosate calcium [USAN], Acamprosate calcium (USAN), 2C5H10NO4S.Ca, CHEBI:51042, EINECS 278-665-3, calcium acetylaminopropane sulfonate, CID155434, Calcium 3-(acetylamino)propane-1-sulfonate, Calcium(2+) 3-(acetylamino)propanesulphonate, N-acetylhomotaurine, calcium (2:1) salt, calcium bis(3-acetamidopropane-1-sulfonate), LS-120941

Molecular Formula: C10H20CaN2O8S2Molecular Weight: 400.482400 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 8


• Acetamiprid
IUPAC Name: N-[(6-chloropyridin-3-yl)methyl]-N'-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide | CAS Registry Number: 135410-20-7
Synonyms: Acetamipride, (E)-acetamiprid, (Z)-acetamiprid, Acetamiprid [ISO], HSDB 7274, NI 25, CHEBI:39163, CHEBI:39164, CHEBI:39165, NCGC00163881-01, NCGC00163881-02, LS-183006, (E)-N-(6-Chloro-3-pyridyl)methyl-N'-cyano-N-methylacetamidine, C464485, N-((6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl)-N'-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide, (1E)-N-[(6-chloropyridin-3-yl)methyl]-N'-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide, Ethanimidamide, N-((6-chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl)-N'-cyano-N-methyl-, (E)-, N-[(6-chloropyridin-3-yl)methyl]-N'-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide, (1Z)-N-[(6-chloropyridin-3-yl)methyl]-N'-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide, (E)-N-((6-chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl)-N'-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide

Molecular Formula: C10H11ClN4Molecular Weight: 222.674140 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Acetoacet O-Chloranilide
IUPAC Name: N-(2-chlorophenyl)-3-oxobutanamide | CAS Registry Number: 93-70-9
Synonyms: AAoC, o-Chloroacetoacetanilide, Acetoacet-o-chloranilide, o-Acetoacetochloroanilide, Acetoacet-o-chloroanilide, 2'-Chloroacetoacetanilide, o-Acetoacetochloranilide, Acetoacetyl-o-chloroanilide, Acetoacet-o-chloroacetanilide, Acetoacetyl-2-chloroanilide, N-Acetoacetyl-2-chloroaniline, Acetoacetanilide, o-chloro-, Maybridge1_002473, N-(2-Chlorophenyl)acetoacetamide, ACETOACETANILIDE, 2'-CHLORO-, DivK1c_001225, Butanamide, N-(2-chlorophenyl)-3-oxo-, NSC 3913, EINECS 202-269-1, 3-Oxo-N-(2-chlorophenylbutanamide)

Molecular Formula: C10H10ClNO2Molecular Weight: 211.644900 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Acetoacet-P-Chloranilide
IUPAC Name: N-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-oxobutanamide | CAS Registry Number: 101-92-8
Synonyms: 4'-Chloroacetoacetanilide, Acetoacet-p-chloroanilide, p-Chlorodiacetanilide, Acetoacetanilide, 4'-chloro-, Acetoacetyl-4-chloroanilide, Acetoacetanilide, p-chloro-, P-CHLOROACETOACETANILIDE, Maybridge1_003854, N-(4-Chlorophenyl)acetoacetamide, WLN: GR DMV1V1, Butanamide, N-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-oxo-, HSDB 2709, 133655_ALDRICH, NSC 3544, EINECS 202-989-6, N-(4-Chlorophenyl)-3-oxobutanamide, NSC3544, BRN 1819161, SBB003431, ZINC00049123

Molecular Formula: C10H10ClNO2Molecular Weight: 211.644900 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Acetoacetanilide
IUPAC Name: 3-oxo-N-phenylbutanamide | CAS Registry Number: 102-01-2
Synonyms: ACETOACETANILIDE, Acetylacetanilide, Acetoacetamidobenzene, Acetoacetanilid, Acetoacetylaniline, Acetoacetic anilide, N-Phenylacetoacetamide, beta-Ketobutyranilide, 3-Oxo-N-phenylbutanamide, Acetoacetic acid anilide, N-(Acetylacetyl)aniline, Butanamide, 3-oxo-N-phenyl-, Acetanilide, 2-acetyl-, Acetoacetylaminobenzene, .beta.-Ketobutyranilide, ((Acetoacetyl)amino)benzene, .alpha.-Acetylacetanilide, USAF EK-1239, 1-(Phenylcarbamoyl)-2-propanone, alpha-Acetyl-N-phenylacetamide

Molecular Formula: C10H11NO2Molecular Weight: 177.199840 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Acetone-D6
IUPAC Name: propan-2-one | CAS Registry Number: 666-52-4
Synonyms: acetone, 2-propanone, propanone, Dimethyl ketone, Methyl ketone, Dimethylketal, Chevron acetone, Pyroacetic ether, Pyroacetic acid, Ketone propane, beta-Ketopropane, Aceton, Dimethylformaldehyde, Ketone, dimethyl, dimethylcetone, dimethylketone, Dimethylketon, Propanon, Azeton, Acetone (natural)

Molecular Formula: C3H6OMolecular Weight: 58.079140 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid Copolymer (AA/AMPS)
IUPAC Name: prop-2-enoic acid; 2-(prop-2-enoylamino)butane-2-sulfonic acid | CAS Registry Number: 40623-75-4
Synonyms: Therma-thin DP, Calgon AA-AMPSA, Calgon TRC 233, Calgon TRC 2331, Calgon O 15924J, SCR 100 (surfactant), Acrylic acid AMPS copolymer, SCR 100, Acrylic acid-acrylamidomethylpropylsulfonic acid copolymer, Poly(acrylamidomethylpropanesulfonic acid-co-acrylic acid), Acrylic acid-2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid copolymer, Poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid-CO-acrylic acid), Poly(acrylic acid-co-2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid), 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid - acrylic acid copolymer, Acrylic acid-2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid copolymer, 2-Methyl-2-((1-oxo-2-propenyl)amino)-1-propanesulfonic acid-2-propenoic acid copolymer, 2-Propenoic acid, polymer with 2-methyl-2-((1-oxo-2-propenyl)amino)-1-propanesulfonic acid, 1-Propanesulfonic acid, 2-methyl-2-((1-oxo-2-propenyl)amino)-, polymer with 2-propenoic acid, 91499-51-3

Molecular Formula: C10H17NO6SMolecular Weight: 279.310080 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Acrylic Acid-2-Hydroxypropyl Acrylate Copolymer (CAS: 55719-33-0)
• Actarit
IUPAC Name: 2-(4-acetamidophenyl)acetic acid | CAS Registry Number: 18699-02-0
Synonyms: actarit, Orcl, Mover, Actarit [INN:JAN], Actaritum [INN-Latin], Orcl (TN), Actarit (JAN/INN), 4-Acetylaminophenylacetic acid, 4-Acetamidophenylacetic acid, (p-Acetamidophenyl)acetic acid, CCRIS 3777, 4-N-Acetylaminophenylacetic acid, MLS000759453, MLS000881203, MLS001423954, 4-(Acetylamino)benzeneacetic acid, [4-(acetylamino)phenyl]acetic acid, C10H11NO3, EINECS 242-511-3, CID2018

Molecular Formula: C10H11NO3Molecular Weight: 193.199240 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Activated Alumina
IUPAC Name: oxo(oxoalumanyloxy)alumane | CAS Registry Number: 1344-28-1
Synonyms: Alumina, Corundum, Sapphire, Bauxite, Electrocorundum, Florite, Porocel, Korund, Emery, alpha-Corundum, Fasertonerde, Abramant, Compalox, Faserton, Martoxin, Poraminar, Porocel O, Abramax, Abrarex, Abrasit

Molecular Formula: Al2O3Molecular Weight: 101.961276 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Activated Carbon
IUPAC Name: methane | CAS Registry Number: 7440-44-0
Synonyms: methane, Carbon, Marsh gas, Methyl hydride, Graphite, Aquadag, Biogas, Fire Damp, methylidyne, Electrographite, Acticarbone, Anthrasorb, Carbosieve, Filtrasorb, Hydrodarco, Kosmotherm, Thermatomic, Thermblack, Whetlerite, Adsorbit

Molecular Formula: CH4Molecular Weight: 16.042460 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Adenine Sulfate
IUPAC Name: 7H-purin-6-amine; sulfuric acid | CAS Registry Number: 321-30-2
Synonyms: Adeninium sulfate, Diadenine sulphate, Adenine hemisulfate, ADENINE SULFATE, Adeninsulfat [German], Adenine sulfate salt, Adenine sulfate (2:1), Adenine hemisulfate salt, Adenine, sulfate (2:1), 6-AMINOPURINE SULFATE, A2545_SIGMA, A3159_SIGMA, A9126_SIGMA, 6-Aminopurine hemisulfate salt, EINECS 206-286-5, 1H-Purin-6-amine, sulfate (2:1), LS-15084, ST5298853, 98537-53-2

Molecular Formula: C10H12N10O4SMolecular Weight: 368.331880 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 6H-Bond Acceptor: 14


• Adenosine 5'-monophosphate disodium salt
IUPAC Name: disodium [(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(6-aminopurin-9-yl)-3,4-dihydroxyoxolan-2-yl]methyl phosphate | CAS Registry Number: 4578-31-8
Synonyms: Disodium AMP, AMP disodium salt, Disodium 5'-AMP, 5'-adenylic acid, nchem.100-comp5, 5'-AMP disodium salt, Adenylic acid disodium salt, 5'-adenosine monophosphate, 5'-AMP-Na2, A1752_SIGMA, 01930_FLUKA, EINECS 224-961-2, Disodium adenosine 5'-phosphate hydrate, 5'-ADENYLIC ACID, DISODIUM SALT, A-5'-P, Adenosine 5'-monophosphate sodium salt, LS-15197, ST5409940, TL8003181, AMP

Molecular Formula: C10H12N5Na2O7PMolecular Weight: 391.184881 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 12


• Adenosine Cyclophosphate
IUPAC Name: (1S,6R,8R,9R)-8-(6-aminopurin-9-yl)-3-hydroxy-3-oxo-2,4,7-trioxa-3$l^{5}-phosphabicyclo[4.3.0]nonan-9-ol | CAS Registry Number: 60-92-4
Synonyms: cAMP, Cyclic AMP, Acrasin, 3',5'-cyclic AMP, cyclic-AMP, Cyclic adenylic acid, cyclic 3',5'-AMP, Adenosine 3',5'-phosphate, Adenosine 3',5'-cyclophosphate, cyclic 3',5'-Adenylic acid, adenosine-cyclic-phosphate, Adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate, CCRIS 4291, Adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate, Adenosine cyclic monophosphate, cyclic Adenosine 3',5'-phosphate, Lopac0_000084, adenosine cyclic-monophosphate, A9501_SIGMA, 3',5'-AMP

Molecular Formula: C10H12N5O6PMolecular Weight: 329.205941 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 11


• Agar
IUPAC Name: (2R,3S,4S,5R)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-[[(4R,5S)-4-hydroxy-3-methyl-2,6-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-8-yl]oxy]-4-methoxyoxane-3,5-diol | CAS Registry Number: 9002-18-0
Synonyms: Agar (bacteriological)

Molecular Formula: C14H24O9Molecular Weight: 336.334960 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 9


• Allyl Anthranilate
IUPAC Name: prop-2-enyl 2-aminobenzoate | CAS Registry Number: 7493-63-2
Synonyms: ALLYL ANTHRANILATE, Allyl 2-aminobenzoate, Allyl O-aminobenzoate, Anthranilic acid, allyl ester, Vinyl carbinyl anthranilate, 2-Propenyl 2-aminobenzoate, 2-Propen-1-yl anthranilate, FEMA No. 2020, CCRIS 6207, 2-Propen-1-yl 2-aminobenzoate, W202002_ALDRICH, Benzoic acid, 2-amino-, 2-propenyl ester, EINECS 231-331-0, NSC 147476, CID24116, NSC147476, Anthranilic acid, allyl ester (8CI), AI3-36005, LS-1648, NCGC00091858-01

Molecular Formula: C10H11NO2Molecular Weight: 177.199840 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Allyl benzyl ether
IUPAC Name: prop-2-enoxymethylbenzene | CAS Registry Number: 14593-43-2
Synonyms: Ether, allyl benzyl, allyloxy-methyl-benzene, alpha-(Allyloxy)toluene, 428418_ALDRICH, MolPort-000-005-253, CID84542, Benzene, ((2-propenyloxy)methyl)-, Benzene, [(2-propenyloxy)methyl]-, EINECS 238-638-9, AI3-07338, A1427

Molecular Formula: C10H12OMolecular Weight: 148.201680 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Alpha Alpha-Dimethyl Phenyl Acetic Acid
IUPAC Name: 2-methyl-2-phenylpropanoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 826-55-1
Synonyms: 2-Phenylisobutyric acid, Dimethylphenylacetic acid, 2-methyl-2-phenylpropanoic acid, 2-Methyl-2-phenylpropionic acid, Hydratropic acid, .alpha.-methyl-, NSC28952, NSC29095, EINECS 212-556-3, Propionic acid, 2-methyl-2-phenyl-, TH 4161, .alpha.,.alpha.-Dimethylphenylacetic acid, alpha,alpha-DIMETHYLPHENYLACETIC ACID, BETA,BETA-DIMETHYLPHENYLACETIC ACID, .alpha.,.alpha.-Dimethylbenzeneacetic acid, ST5406774, Benzeneacetic acid, .alpha.,.alpha.-dimethyl-, .alpha.-Toluic acid, .alpha.,.alpha.-dimethyl-

Molecular Formula: C10H12O2Molecular Weight: 164.201080 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Alpha-Cyclopropylbenzyl Alcohol
IUPAC Name: (S)-cyclopropyl(phenyl)methanol | CAS Registry Number: 1007-03-0
Synonyms: Cyclopropyl phenylmethanol, ZINC02015913, CID6999058

Molecular Formula: C10H12OMolecular Weight: 148.201680 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Alpha-Methyl cinnamic acid
IUPAC Name: (E)-2-methyl-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid | CAS Registry Number: 1199-77-5
Synonyms: ALPHA-METHYLCINNAMIC ACID, .alpha.-Methylcinnamic acid, M35606_ALDRICH, 2-methyl-3-phenylacrylic acid, 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-3-phenyl-, CINNAMIC ACID,ALPHA-METHYL, EINECS 214-847-0, CID637817, (2E)-2-Methyl-3-phenyl-2-propenoic acid, AI3-23408, ST5165177, 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-3-phenyl-, (E)-, InChI=1/C10H10O2/c1-8(10(11)12)7-9-5-3-2-4-6-9/h2-7H,1H3,(H,11,12)/b8-7

Molecular Formula: C10H10O2Molecular Weight: 162.185200 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• alpha-Methyl Cinnamic Aldehyde
IUPAC Name: (Z)-2-methyl-3-phenylprop-2-enal | CAS Registry Number: 101-39-3
Synonyms: alpha-Methylcinnimal, Methyl cinnamic aldehyde, 2-Methylcinnamaldehyde, alpha-Methyl cinnamaldehyde, 2-Methyl-3-phenylacrolein, .alpha.-Methylcinnimal, 3-Phenyl-2-methylacrolein, Cinnamaldehyde, alpha-methyl, 2-Methyl-3-phenylacrylaldehyde, alpha-Methylcinnamic aldehyde, WLN: VHYU1R, 2-Methyl-3-phenyl-2-propenal, ALPHA-METHYLCINNAMALDEHYDE, Cinnamaldehyde, alpha-methyl-, FEMA No. 2697, .alpha.-Methylcinnamaldehyde, CCRIS 6257, 2-Propenal, 2-methyl-3-phenyl-, .alpha.-Methylcinnamic aldehyde, Cinnamaldehyde, .alpha.-methyl-

Molecular Formula: C10H10OMolecular Weight: 146.185800 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• alpha-Tetralone
IUPAC Name: 3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalen-1-one | CAS Registry Number: 529-34-0
Synonyms: .alpha.-Tetralone, 1-Oxotetralin, 1-TETRALONE, tetralin-1-one, 1(2H)-Naphthalenone, 3,4-dihydro-, 3,4-Dihydro-1(2H)-naphthalenone, T19003_ALDRICH, WLN: L66 BVT&J, 3,4-Dihydro-2H-naphthalen-1-one, HSDB 5678, 3,4-Dihydronaphthalen-1-one, 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalen-1-one, 3,4-dihydronaphthalen-1(2H)-one, 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalone, NSC 5171, 87661_FLUKA, EINECS 208-460-6, NSC5171, BB_SC-1603, BRN 0607374

Molecular Formula: C10H10OMolecular Weight: 146.185800 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Alumina Hydrate
IUPAC Name: aluminum trihydrate | CAS Registry Number: 21645-51-2
Synonyms: Alhydrogel, Dialume, Calmogastrin, Tricreamalate, Alugelibye, Alumigel, Amphogel, Amphojel, Ascriptin, Boehmite, Calcitrel, Higilite, Hydrafil, Liquigel, Martinal, Trisogel, Aluminium hydroxide, Camalox, Gelusil, Mylanta

Molecular Formula: AlH6O3Molecular Weight: 81.027378 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Aluminium Dihydrogen Triphosphate
IUPAC Name: aluminum [oxido(phosphonatooxy)phosphoryl] phosphate | CAS Registry Number: 13939-25-8
Synonyms: Aluminium dihydrogen triphosphate, EINECS 237-714-9, CID166949, Triphosphoric acid, aluminum salt (1:1), 835619-37-9

Molecular Formula: AlO10P3-2Molecular Weight: 279.896821 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 10


• Aluminium Fluoride
IUPAC Name: aluminum trifluoride | CAS Registry Number: 7784-18-1
Synonyms: aluminum fluoride, Aluminum trifluoride

Molecular Formula: AlF3Molecular Weight: 83.976748 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Aluminium-Nickel
IUPAC Name: aluminum;nickel | CAS Registry Number: 12635-29-9
Synonyms: Aluminum-nickel catalyst, Raney(R)-Nickel, 12003-78-0, aluminum; nickel, Raney Ni, Raney®-Nickel, Aluminum, compd. with nickel (1:1), Aluminum-nickel alloy, Nickel-Aluminum alloy, Raney®-Nickel alloy, AC1O3T0X, 221651_ALDRICH, 221678_ALDRICH, 510033_ALDRICH, 510041_ALDRICH, 510068_ALDRICH, MolPort-003-927-978, EINECS 234-439-6, AKOS015833427, AKOS015903659

Molecular Formula: AlNiMolecular Weight: 85.674939 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Aluminum
IUPAC Name: aluminum | CAS Registry Number: 7429-90-5
Synonyms: Aluminium, ALUMINUM, Aluminum metal, Metana, Aluminium flake, Aluminum powder, Noral aluminium, Adom, Noral aluminum, Alumina fibre, Aluminum dust, Aluminium bronze, aluminio, Pigment metal 1, Aluminum alloy, Aluminum (metal), Alaun [German], Aluminum dehydrated, Aluminum production, Al alloy

Molecular Formula: AlMolecular Weight: 26.981538 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Aluminum Bromide
IUPAC Name: tribromoalumane | CAS Registry Number: 7727-15-3
Synonyms: Tribromoaluminum, ALUMINUM BROMIDE, Aluminum tribromide, Aluminium bromide, AlBr3, Aluminum bromide (AlBr3), Aluminum bromide solution, Aluminum bromide (anhydrous), Aluminum bromide, anhydrous, HSDB 2066, Aluminum bromide, anhydrous(DOT), 210072_ALDRICH, 250066_ALDRICH, 401218_ALDRICH, 449601_ALDRICH, EINECS 231-779-7, NSC 87608, UN1725, UN2580, CID24409

Molecular Formula: AlBr3Molecular Weight: 266.693538 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Aluminum Chloride
IUPAC Name: trichloroalumane | CAS Registry Number: 7446-70-0
Synonyms: Aluminum trichloride, Trichloroaluminum, Pearsall, Aluminium trichloride, Drysol, trichloroalumane, Aluminiumchlorid, Aluminium chloride, ALUMINUM CHLORIDE, TK Flock, AlCl3, trichloridoaluminium, Caswell No. 029, Aluminum chloride (AlCl3), Chlorure d'aluminium, Aluminum chloride anhydrous, PAC (salt), Alluminio(cloruro di), Aluminum chloride (1:3), Aluminiumchlorid [German]

Molecular Formula: AlCl3Molecular Weight: 133.340538 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate
IUPAC Name: trichloroalumane hexahydrate | CAS Registry Number: 7784-13-6
Synonyms: Drysol, Xerac AC, Mixture Name, Aluminum chloride hexahydrate, ALUMINUM CHLORIDE, AlCl3.6H2O, Aluminum chloride (USP), Aluminum trichloride hexahydrate, CCRIS 5552, aluminium chloride hexahydrate, 11091_RIEDEL, aluminium trichloride hexahydrate, 06232_FLUKA, Aluminum(III) chloride, hexahydrate, CHEBI:30115, ALUMINUM CHLORIDE, HEXAHYDRATE, aluminium chloride--water (1/6), 237078_SIAL, aluminium(III) chloride hexahydrate, AI3-01918

Molecular Formula: AlCl3H12O6Molecular Weight: 241.432218 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 6H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Aluminum Metaphosphate
Synonyms: Aluminium metaphosphate, EINECS 237-415-3, Metaphosphoric acid (HPO3), aluminum salt, 133415-65-3

Molecular Formula: AlO9P3Molecular Weight: 263.897421 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 9


• Aluminum Nitrate
IUPAC Name: aluminum trinitrate | CAS Registry Number: 13473-90-0
Synonyms: Aluminium nitrate, Aluminum trinitrate, ALUMINUM NITRATE, Nitric acid, alumium salt, Nitric acid, aluminum salt, Nitrato de aluminio [Spanish], HSDB 574, Aluminum(III) nitrate (1:3), Nitric acid, aluminum(3+) salt, Aluminum(111) nitrate (1:3), EINECS 236-751-8, UN1438, Nitric acid, aluminum salt, basic, NSC 143017, EINECS 258-358-0, Aluminum nitrate [UN1438] [Oxidizer], Aluminum nitrate [UN1438] [Oxidizer], LS-16490, 220685-69-8, 25295-24-3

Molecular Formula: AlN3O9Molecular Weight: 212.996238 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 9


• Aluminum Nitride
IUPAC Name: azanylidynealumane | CAS Registry Number: 24304-00-5
Synonyms: Aluminum nitride, Aluminium nitride, Aluminum nitride (AlN), 241903_ALDRICH, 593044_ALDRICH, CHEBI:50884, EINECS 246-140-8, LS-16492, 11132-80-2, 12252-59-4, 1302-38-1, 165390-88-5, 37342-40-8, AlN

Molecular Formula: AlNMolecular Weight: 40.988238 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 1


• Aluminum Phosphide
IUPAC Name: alumanylidynephosphane | CAS Registry Number: 20859-73-8
Synonyms: Celphide, Celphine, Fumitoxin, Phostoxin, Quickphos, Celphos, Delicia, Gastion, Detia, Delicia gastoxin, Phostoxin-A, Celphos (indian), ALUMINUM PHOSPHIDE, Aluminium phosphide, Detia gas Ex-B, AL-Phos, Detia-Ex-B, Aluminum monophosphide, Caswell No. 031, Aluminum phosphide (AlP)

Molecular Formula: AlPMolecular Weight: 57.955299 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Aluminum Stearate
IUPAC Name: aluminum octadecanoate | CAS Registry Number: 637-12-7
Synonyms: Aluminum stearate, Metasap XX, Aluminium stearate, Rofob 3, Monoaluminum stearate, Alugel 34TN, Aluminum octadecanoate, Aluminum(III) stearate, aluminium tristearate, Aluminum (III) stearate, Tribasic aluminum stearate, aluminum trioctadecanoate, ALUMINUM TRISTEARATE, Aluminum stearate (1:3), Aluminium tristearate, pure, Aluminum stearate, tribasic, Octadecanoic acid, aluminum salt, aluminium trioctadecanoate, Stearic acid, aluminum salt, Dihydroxy(octanoato-O)aluminum

Molecular Formula: C54H105AlO6Molecular Weight: 877.389438 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Aluminum Sulfate, Hydrate
IUPAC Name: dialuminum trisulfate hydrate | CAS Registry Number: 17927-65-0
Synonyms: Bluboro, ALUMINUM SULFATE, Aluminum sulfate hydrate, Aluminum sulfate [USAN], Dialuminum trisulfate hydrate, 11044_RIEDEL, 368458_ALDRICH, 450308_ALDRICH, A0843_SIAL, Aluminum sulfate octadecahydrate, Aluminum sulfate (2:3) hydrate, 227617_SIAL, Sulfuric acid, aluminum salt (3:2), hydrate, 36836-96-1

Molecular Formula: Al2H2O13S3Molecular Weight: 360.166156 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 13


• Aluminum Sulphate
IUPAC Name: aluminum potassium disulfate | CAS Registry Number: 10043-01-3
Synonyms: Alaun, Exsiccated alum, Alum, Alum potassium, Potassium alum, Potash alum, Burnt alum, Burnt potassium alum, ALUM, POTASSIUM, Aluminum potassium alum, Potassium aluminum alum, Aluminum potassium sulfate, Tai-Ace K 20, Alum, N.F, Alum, potassium anhydrous, Tai-Ace K 150, Potassium aluminum sulfate, Alum, N.F., Aluminum potassium disulfate, Dialuminum dipotassium sulfate

Molecular Formula: AlKO8S2Molecular Weight: 258.205038 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 8


• Aluminum Tri(sec-butoxide)
IUPAC Name: aluminum butan-2-olate | CAS Registry Number: 2269-22-9
Synonyms: Aluminum sec-butoxide, 2-Butanol, aluminum salt, Aluminium tri-sec-butanolate, 2-BUTANOL ALUMINUM SALT, EINECS 218-871-2, 112362-90-0, 113538-64-0, 130099-40-0, 36977-99-8, 4162-86-1, 78-92-2

Molecular Formula: C12H27AlO3Molecular Weight: 246.322518 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Aluminum Tripolyphosphate
IUPAC Name: pentaaluminum;[oxido(phosphonatooxy)phosphoryl] phosphate | CAS Registry Number: 29196-72-3
Synonyms: Aluminumtriphosphate

Molecular Formula: Al5O30P9Molecular Weight: 893.653551 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 30


• Aluminum-Nickel Catalyst
IUPAC Name: nickel(2+);dibromide | CAS Registry Number: 12635-27-7
Synonyms: nickel(2+) dibromide, nickel(2+) ion dibromide, AC1L1A9R, ALUMINUM -NICKEL ALLOY, VZ35778, FT-0622233, FT-0689160, 3B4-2452

Molecular Formula: Br2NiMolecular Weight: 218.501400 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 2


• Aminoacetonitrile Sulfate/Hydrochloride
IUPAC Name: cyanomethylazanium sulfate | CAS Registry Number: 5466-22-8
Synonyms: Aminoacetonitrile sulfate, Aminoacetonitril siran [Czech], Aminoacetonitrile sulfate (2:1), Bis((cyanomethyl)ammonium) sulphate, EINECS 226-772-0, NSC 25804, GLYCINONITRILE, SULFATE (2:1), Acetonitrile, amino-, sulfate (2:1), LS-72899, Acetonitrile, amino-, sulfate (2:1) (8CI)

Molecular Formula: C4H10N4O4SMolecular Weight: 210.211600 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Aminophylline
IUPAC Name: 1,3-dimethyl-7H-purine-2,6-dione; 1,3-dimethyl-7H-purine-2,6-dione; ethane-1,2-diamine | CAS Registry Number: 317-34-0
Synonyms: aminophylline, Aminophyllin, Somophyllin, Theophyllaminum, Cardiofilina, Cardophyllin, Ethophylline, Metaphylline, Methophylline, Peterphyllin, Phyllocontin, Syntophyllin, Theophyldine, Theophyllamine, Variaphylline, Aminocardol, Ammophyllin, Cardophylin, Diaphilline, Diaphylline

Molecular Formula: C16H24N10O4Molecular Weight: 420.426360 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 10


• Ammonia Sulphate
IUPAC Name: diazanium sulfate | CAS Registry Number: 7783-20-2
Synonyms: Actamaster, Mascagnite, Dolamin, Diammonium sulfate, Ammonium sulphate, Diammonium sulphate, Caswell No. 048, AMMONIUM SULFATE, Ammonium-14N2 sulfate, Ammonium hydrogen sulfate, Ammonium sulfate solution, Sulfuric acid diammonium salt, Ammonium sulfate (2:1), Ammonium sulfate, solution, Ammonium sulfate (solution), Sulfatom ammoniya [Russian], Sulfuric acid, diammonium salt, 451975_ALDRICH, 485306_ALDRICH, 485411_ALDRICH

Molecular Formula: H8N2O4SMolecular Weight: 132.139520 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 2H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ammonium Chloropalladite
IUPAC Name: tetrachloropalladium | CAS Registry Number: 13820-40-1
Synonyms: Potassium chloropalladite, Ammonium palladium chloride, Potassium palladium chloride, Potassium palladous chloride, Ammonium tetrachloropalladate, Potassium tetrachloropalladate, Diammonium tetrachloropalladate, Diammonium tetrachloropalladite, AMMONIUM CHLOROPALLADITE, Diammonium tetrachloropalladate(2-), Bisammonium tetrachloropalladate(2-), NSC212531, NSC254531, DIPOTASSIUM TETRACHLOROPALLADATE, Palladate(2-), tetrachloro-, diammonium, Palladate(2-), tetrachloro-, dipotassium, Ammonium palladium chloride ((NH4)2PdCl4), Palladate(2-), tetrachloro-, diammonium, (SP-4-1)-, Palladate(2-), tetrachloro-, dipotassium, (SP-4-1)-, 10025-98-6

Molecular Formula: Cl4PdMolecular Weight: 248.232000 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 0


• Ammonium Chloroplatinite
IUPAC Name: platinum(2+) tetrachloride | CAS Registry Number: 13820-41-2
Synonyms: Chloroplatinite, Tetrachloroplatinate, Tetrachloroplatinate(II), Tetrachloroplatinate(2-), CID119233, Platinate(2-), tetrachloro-, (SP-4-1)-, LS-117483, 10025-99-7, 10026-00-3, 13820-46-7, 13820-56-9, 13965-91-8

Molecular Formula: Cl4Pt-2Molecular Weight: 336.890000 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 0H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ammonium Copper (II) Chloride
IUPAC Name: diazanium;tetrachlorocopper(2-);dihydrate | CAS Registry Number: 10060-13-6
Synonyms: Ammonium copper chloride, Ammonium chlorocuprate(II), Ammonium tetrachlorocuprate(II) dihydrate, 12801_RIEDEL, 00634_FLUKA, 12801_SIAL, AKOS015914604, Diammonium tetrachlorocuprate(II) dihydrate, I14-42284

Molecular Formula: Cl4CuH12N2O2Molecular Weight: 277.465480 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 4H-Bond Acceptor: 3


• Ammonium Dibasic Phosphate
IUPAC Name: diazanium hydrogen phosphate | CAS Registry Number: 7783-28-0
Synonyms: Fyrex, Pelor, Akoustan A, ammonium phosphate, K2 (phosphate), Phos-Chek 202A, Phos-Chek 259, Coaltrol LPA 445, Caswell No. 286C, Diammonium orthophosphate, Diammonium acid phosphate, Dibasic ammonium phosphate, Diammonium hydrogen phosphate, DIAMMONIUM PHOSPHATE, Ammonium phosphate [USAN], Ammonium phosphate, dibasic, Secondary ammonium phosphate, Ammonium hydrogenphosphate, Ammonium phosphate (NF), Ammonium phosphate dibasic

Molecular Formula: H9N2O4PMolecular Weight: 132.056221 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 3H-Bond Acceptor: 4


• Ammonium gold sulphite
IUPAC Name: azanium gold(1+) disulfite | CAS Registry Number: 94232-38-9
Synonyms: Ammonium trigold(1+) disulphite, EINECS 303-965-9

Molecular Formula: Au3H4NO6S2Molecular Weight: 769.064510 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 1H-Bond Acceptor: 6


• Ammonium Heptamolybdate
IUPAC Name: azane; molybdenum; tetracosahydrate | CAS Registry Number: 12027-67-7
Synonyms: Ammonium molybdate, Ammonium paramolybdate, Hexaammonium molybdate, Ammonium heptamolybdate, Ammonium molybdate(VI), Hexammonium heptamolybdat, Molybdate, hexaammonium, Hexaammonium heptamolybdate, AMMONIUM-p-MOLYBDATE, Molybdic acid, hexaammonium salt, HSDB 1802, Molybdate (Mo7O24), hexammonium, Molybdate, hexaammonium (9CI), PM 20, AMMONIUM MOLYBDATE (VI), EINECS 234-722-4, Hexammonium tetracosaoxoheptamolybdate, Molybdate (Mo7O246-), hexaammonium, Ammonium molybdate ((NH4)6(Mo7O24)), Ammonium paramolybdate ((NH4)6Mo7O24)

Molecular Formula: H66Mo7N6O24Molecular Weight: 1206.129840 [g/mol]
H-Bond Donor: 30H-Bond Acceptor: 30


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